Defenders of Style: Old’s Cool

As well as generally being a tune, Old’s Cool by Defenders of Style offers a hectic video that accompanies the Defenders on a chaotic multicoloured jaunt through a forest. Simple premise. Upsides: Frantic, rowdy delivery from the 3 rappers with some freaky camera work make for a mesmerising watch. Downside: My brain hurts.

Video Credit: Feeble Media

Roots Manuva: Crying

Distinctively nightmarish and funny at the same time, Crying, sees Roots cast in the role of the most casual bogeyman imaginable. The premise is basically Mr Manuva pops out to buy some groceries and everyone runs for the hills. Cue some amusing hiding places plus some genuinely convincing tears, shakes and cowering in paralysing fear. Inexplicably, the video then ends with Roots finding his face looking at up him from his bowl of cereal.

Video Credit: Director: Helmi Production Company: Division

Danny Lover and Wes Murray: Acid Lunch

The second entry to this list courtesy of Blah records, Acid Lunch pretty much just epitomises the aesthetic approach Danny Lover opts for with most of his videos. Like a low budget, British Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Acid Lunch chronicles its intrepid psychonauts getting way past wavy in a blurry mesh of hallucinogenic colours and shaky camera work. Highlights include the titular wreckheads struggling to get down a hallway on Zimmer frames.

Video Credit: Filmed by Mark Worst Edited by Misha Pokynchereda / World on Canvas

Ocean Wisdom feat Dirty Dike and Edward Scissortongue: Freeze

Some impressive production values on this one make a heavy session in a flat something pretty mind bending to look at. Dike’s characteristically off his nut performance of a verse that’s way out there (even by his standards) shot from underneath a glass table is a slick addition. The settings for the 3 MCs in order creates a sense of the natural progression of a messy night nicely. Starting with Ocean on a hype tip with girls clambering over his lap, before moving on to Dirty Dike struggling to hold himself up and culminating with Scissortongue retiring to a room on his own to lose his mind and talk codshit to himself in a mirror.

Video Credit: Aboveground

Stig of the Dump feat Jehst: Kubrick

In keeping with the title of single Kubrick, the video hosts Stig and Jehst posing as characters from the late director’s films. This involves some amusing re-enactments of characters from some of Kubrick’s most famously demented movies including A Clockwork Orange, Full Metal Jacket and the Shining.

Video Credit: Director – MJ Blackman, Producer – Roxanne Holman, Director of Photography – Stil Williams, Camera Operator – Jeremy Goodman-Smith, Costume Designer – Sallyann Short, Hair & Make-Up – Moneet Heyer, Editor – Ed Wright & MJ Blackman, Colourist – Jonny Tully at Smoke and Mirrors, Production Company – Joker’s Pack Productions

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