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UKHH.com was established in 1999 as a non-profit online magazine with the sole aim of providing an alternative source of hip-hop news, views, and interviews.

Over the last fifteen years a dedicated team of volunteers has achieved that task with our independent site holding in excess of 2500 reviews, 600 interviews, and numerous news pieces and feature articles. We are really proud than an online query for ‘UK hip-hop’ will find UKHH.com at the top of most search engine results. This led to The Guardian commenting in 2005 that UKHH.com was ‘the only reliable source for UK hip hop news and reviews’. During the last decade the site has established excellent contacts with artists, record labels and forum members. We hope to continue this tradition with our new design so welcome anybody wishing to get involved in promoting the music we love…

If you feel you have the skills, knowledge and time to help us please get in touch [email protected]