We told Boomtown we’d write about the festival after we got back. As reviews are played out, we’ve opted for rambling accounts of our personal experiences and who we linked up with instead…

On Day 2 we shot the music video for Sean Peng’s upcoming single ‘Third Eye’ which will eventually be dropping exclusive to UKHH! (Check out the couple of ‘making of..’ teaser clips complete with Boomtown background distortion below for a peak at a couple of the locations.)

After some shaky ground on day one missions that somehow resulted in a sick UKHH Bars video with Dr Syntax, Team UKHH emerged from the eerie tranquillity of Boomtown Springs at Midday on Saturday with minds at least twice as sharp as Friday. Occupying the mental-space somewhere between razor and playdough, we went to meet Creature of Habit, badman MC, herb enthusiast, tall person and all round stand-up guy; Sean Peng.

We linked up with Sean near The Lion’s Den to put our heads together for some vague scheming of what to get filmed/where to go over the course of the day.

One third of RLD (Real Life Drama) Records’ power-trio Creatures of Habit (alongside brothers Eric the Red and Illinformed), Sean Peng was a paragon of zen about the day’s proceedings. His only minor grievance, given the name of the single that the video was for, was having left a fake eye at home that would have been ideal to place in shot at points. ‘Third Eye’, the first release off (an as of yet unnamed) project with long-time producer Illinformed, sees Peng on form with the bars and sets an instrumental tone that seemed completely in keeping with the lanky wordsmith’s demeanour wandering around Boomtown, seemingly mildly amused by his surroundings, in a permanent state of chill amongst the hype.

Especially as heavy downpours held off for the day, Boomtown unsurprisingly proved to be the tits as an environment to shoot a music video in. Previously mentioned scheming set us a start and end point in the form of a couple of Boomtown’s hidden stages that we and Sean had a soft spot for. Beyond that, there was unanimous agreement to just roam aimlessly from the first spot at the top of the brutal hill to the second (via a Creatures of Habit live show) and see what manner of mentalists and scenery we bumped into.

So without further ado, credit for the motley crew of Boomtown reprobates and areas to assist with and/or feature in the cinematic marvel dropping in October goes to:

Grandma’s Living Room:

Opening sequences of our shortly to be Oscar Nominated short film ‘Third Eye’ are due to some expert scouting by Peng himself. Sean’s Friday night had apparently lead to him dancing with a load of ravers dressed as grannies at the Grandma’s Living Room stage. Said ravers, in character as octogenarians, had presumably bonded with him over their mutual devil-may-care, no-fucks-given approach to their dwindling days on the planet. Consequently, they had no problem letting us bust in at 2pm and use their cracked-out sitting room, kitchen and garden as a shooting location. Unfortunately, there were no grannies in costume at the time to get low in the video, although they generously offered for us to come back at soundcheck so Peng could rock in the booth and aforementioned winding could commence. Also, Sean stole a walking stick that he rocked for the rest of the day. If it was never returned, we apologise. Dementia is a cruel mistress.


Happy Slap Boutique fam:

Mad love for these guys. This collective of ne’er-do-wells and infidels, run a seriously hype, bass heavy, burlesque show/rave in one of District 5’s many sideshow stages (and takeovers elsewhere when Boomtown is not a thing). This awesomely unsavoury dwelling featured at some point in UKHH early-hours shenanigans most evenings at Boomtown and comes highly recommended. Frontstage, Dfacer spoke to a guy in the crowd COMPLETELY LOSING HIS SHIT at a certain bean-hatted individual from the video, in a state of undress, pouring baked beans over herself. Quote: “She’s got beans. SHE’S GOT BEANS!! Surely they’re not real beans?!!! I’ve got to go find my girlfriend” <Leaves to stage left>. For the less faint hearted, expect angle grinders on crotches, contortionism, stripteases, butt-cheek stapling, a hefty dude in y-fronts and beans.

While none of this performing features in the video for ‘Third Eye’ they more than deserve the above shout out for letting us film backstage with Sean surrounded by Happy Slappees in full costume, being suitably bizarre. Happy Slap crew can also be spotted popping up out of costume in various shots throughout the day. Big love guys.


Crazy Calamities, Old Town, and Paradise Heights:

From pouring over the line-up pre-Boomtown, The Crazy Calamities Stage managed to elude a mention in our Hip Hop Guide to Boomtown. This was clearly an oversight, as in addition to the man himself, this stage boasted a host of hip hop talent we would have missed including Dirty Alex, Almatic, Hash-Hann and The Scribes Meets Bison Theory. We stopped by to catch some live footage of Creatures of Habit and discovered a location that’s a serious recommendation for hip hop fans to check next year.

Other districts featured include Old Town, where, like some kind of bear-shaped ninja, Dylan walked rapidly backwards downhill in the mud through a crowd of people filming long rolling takes while I ran 2 metres ahead of him desperately trying to part a sea of starry eyed boomtowners. And last and a bit least, Paradise Heights where we stood under an archway and did some filming.


General Boomtown Nutters:

In no particular order; A clown with a bad case of the blues and an umbrella, ‘the lads’, Sean’s mate whose name I can’t remember but was in almost all the rolling shots, everyone who bothered to stop on their way down the hill, Hannah Fell, anyone who let us put a UKHH sticker on them, hairy biker guy, girl with the magical cross bikini, anyone who twerked.


Coming very soon… 3 Days of Boomtown: DAY 3. Yes there will be more rambling. But there will also be a killer cypher with 2 dons of UK Hip Hop.