One third of Free Wize Men, hailing from Fallowfield, self proclaimed slayer of beats Afro Sam is quickly becoming a steady constant in the buzzing Manchester rap game. A great young lyricist who is ever improving, with a distinctive flow known to catch you off guard through syllabic rhyming and metaphors, merging hip hop, grime and jazzy influences into a fearless, fresh and vibrant mix.


Moonlight is a canvas for a socially conscious rap by the young emcee, consisting of a soulful yet gritty beat. A refreshing track released into UK Hip Hop, it’s great to see young emcees rising through the ranks that are aware of the world surrounding them. Produced by residential beatmaster Pro-P, showcasing the strength of the Manchester scene. Fantastic collaborations are taking place through Room2Records, home of a lot of Manchester’s finest.


A song where Sam lends his hand to the production of the track as well as the rhymes. A clear sign of confidence in his own ability which matches the typical Manc arrogance in the bars, with the hook – ‘So I don’t care if you don’t like me, you must be barking up the wrong tree…’ showcasing the ‘me against the world’ attitude of Manchester!


‘Baggie Eyes’ is Afro Sam’s latest offering, the two track taster shows a dabble into the grime scene. One of the two tracks released is Dex. Although not the usual hip hop vibe its still the typical lyrical assault from Sam but with dirtier deeper beats with production courtesy of Mistakay. Sam is showing that he could well be a jack of all trades with this effort.

Coming next from Afro Sam will be the release of long awaited new Free Wize Men material, the trio based in Manchester are set be releasing the new tracks very soon.

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The Rogue E.P. dropped 31st August 2016, Get it here.

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