One part of Creatures Of Habit, and founder of Lost Scroll Records, Eric The Red has been in the scene for a few years now. Being the younger brother of Real Life Drama Records co-founder and Four Owls member Leaf Dog, as well as producer Illinformed you could say Eric The Red was bound to make an impact in the UK scene.

Already making moves in 2016 with the Creatures Of Habit album Test Subjects, Eric The Red released his debut solo album in 2018 on his and Sean Peng‘s own label Lost Scroll Records, and here are 3 reasons not to sleep on him…

Sleepless Nights

Dropping on the same day the album dropped ‘Sleepless Nights’ is a dope piece of work, from the social commentary in the lyrics to the story being told in the visuals. Addressing drink, drugs, debt and the obvious love of graffiti over a soulful production, Eric The Red sticks to his love of that boom bap hip hop style.


Creatures Of Habit – The Itch

Taken from the Creatures Of Habit album, The Itch see’s Eric The Red go in with some dope flows and bars that will go over many peoples heads on first play. Listening to the content, you can hear from early Eric The Red has a way with words that intrigues the mind for more and more.


Tracks And Walls

This one is a percy, it reminds me of the first time I heard Taskforce‘s ‘Graffdabusup!’ which will be down in the history books as a UK cult classic amongst UK hip hop and graffiti heads. This one is pure graff talk, from caps and paint to crews and locations, Eric The Red captures all elements of graffiti into a lyrical format that needs to be played track side. ‘Vandalise tracks and walls, fat caps and small!’