With a couple of full releases already under his belt, Brighton-based rapper/producer Wundrop is an artist that (if you’re currently snoozing) you should stop sleeping on immediately. Mixing tripped out beats with a laid back yet powerful delivery, Wundrop embodies his own unique sound all the way from his lyricism to his production.
Now, with his recent signing to High Focus as part of as part of Brighton rap trio The CMPND (along with Vitamin G & Kemastry) and their upcoming High Focus show in Bristol this month, Wundrop is set to enjoy much greater exposure, making it the perfect time to look back over his work.

Hair of the Dog:

This is a great introduction to Wundrop’s style. With visuals that perfectly compliment his distinctive delivery and production, ‘Hair of the Dog’ truly draws us into Wundrop’s spaced-out soundscape. Meanwhile, subtle vocal distortions further contribute to the slightly unhinged atmosphere that is present throughout a lot of Wundrop’s music. Maybe we can blame it on all the Frosty Jack’s.

Illeagle Court (with Hutch, Kemastry & Vitamin G)

This particularly ill track surfaced online a while back and is set to resurface on a forthcoming release later this year. Featuring fellow CMPND members Vitamin G & Kemastry, chemistry is one thing that is definitely showcased in this tune- with adlibs like these, you can be sure there was a good vibe in the studio. Vitamin G’s dynamic flow meshes well with Wundrop’s production, leading to brilliant moments where all elements of the track come together- “Oh, you got a heater?”.

Up With The Day

This final choice is lifted from Yogocop’s uniquely seasonal 25 track collabathon Advent Calendar. ‘Up With The Day’ marks a departure from Wundrop’s usual style, delivering more personal lyrics through a stumbling, introspective flow that would feel right at home alongside legendary NY hip hop collective Pro Era. Wundrop takes his aggression down a notch to match Hank Hiller‘s more melodic & slower paced instrumentation, demonstrating an underlying versatility in his artistry that few other underground rappers can boast of.

For more from Wundrop check out his collaborative project with Kemastry: Frosty Raps – The Tale of Huff Jerks & King Long or his solo project the X-Brain Yo-Yo Tape, both released on Yogocop Records. You can also look forward to The CMPND’s upcoming album on High Focus Records, which, if ‘Illeagle Court’ is anything to go by, is sure to bring some heat.