Love to Brotherman for this one. ‘Try Follow’ is a perfect example of how the MC is way more versatile than you might expect. Since Stormzy made DJ XTC‘s classic instrumental ‘Functions On The Low’ his own to a level that catapulted him to mainstream fame with ‘Shut Up’, its fair to say that choosing to go over it in 2019 is a brave move. Shortly before his headline slot on our stage takeover at Nozstock this summer, Brotherman mentioned that he was going to finish with this. As (like many) we knew him for conscious lyrics in the mellow, old school vein of hip hop, no lie, we were a bit dubious that it would work. Then he smashed this out and our jaws dropped.

Dropping bars on this track and not embarrassing yourself is worthy of props in itself. Destroying it and legitimately giving it new life is next level sick.

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