%image_alt%Here’s an emcee who’s been representing for over a decade from Falmouth (that’s in Cornwall yo) to Brighton and now London, he’s shared a stage with the likes of Klashnekoff, Taskforce and RA the Rugged Man on his travels, alongside dropping three mixtapes and an EP during his time in Brighton, he’s been putting in work on the scene for a minute and this AA side is the pre-cursor to his LP ‘Cold Lazarus’ coming soon on the FU Music label.

First up Arrogance is bliss features Sean Price of Boot Camp Click – a real coup for Enlish to have this legend on his track and FU Music label mate and UK firebrand Stig of the Dump. I gotta be honest, the first time I heard the beat on this track, I wasn’t feeling BUT a few listens in and I definitely was, the synths used on the track really shine through. Enlish flows like water on the track, precision spitting, syllables for days, plus the most quotable on the track, “I don’t punch lines, I stab ‘em ‘til they’re actually dead”. Despite his rep Sean Price doesn’t come off as good on the track for me so I won’t dwell on that, Stig brings an aggy flow to compliment the battle theme of the track and rounds it off well. The track has a sick hook with some nice cuts on the outro.

%image_alt%Next up ‘Messed up’ sees the tempo increase, Enlish’s double time flow is on point, again coming precise with the syllables, you can tell this is a guy who has studied his art and spent time perfecting it. The tracks theme is about Enlish, well getting messed up on a variety of substances, this tune would not be out of place in any club and probably describes most people’s experiences in a club. Enlish impresses again with his flow and lyrics as does DJ Manipulate on the cuts.

Overall this is definitely a single worth checking – plus on purchase you get a free download of his LP ‘Rap ain’t real, my life is real’ – which judging from the snippets given in his press pack, is probably the best offer you’ll get all year.

On this form, Enlish is an emcee who’s profile will rise as his releases increase, so join the fan club now so you can say ‘I was feeling him when he was underground’ cop it, don’t cop out!

On another note, Enlish is a prolific blogger at http://rapaintreallyreal.blogspot.com so check his wise words there.

The single can be downloaded from: http://enlish.bandcamp.com so do it!