Relating to the title of your new video – what would you say are the biggest pressures for an up-coming artist and what are your responses to overcome these pressures?
I feel that there are two main pressures for upcoming artists like myself. The biggest pressure I constantly feel every time I make a song, is to stay true to myself. I have to keep reassuring myself that being as unique as possible will be the best way to build a sustainable career out of this.
The other pressure for me comes after the music. I could make the most amazing music in the world, but if it isn’t pushed properly, would it have been worth it? This is one element that I’m still working on and have realised that sometimes it’s best to involve other people who are more skilled in certain areas.
The track shows confidence within your artistry, with all the pressures of the world now from the likes of social media critics, what was the mentality approaching this track?
I guess the confidence comes from the years of live shows I’ve performed at. That really helped develop my stage presence. When approaching not only this track, but any track. I need to deliver it to the best of my ability. Coming up in the early days of the Grime scene taught me all about that. Once the mic comes around, you’ve only got one chance to impress. When it comes to social media critics, I don’t let it phase me. I’ve chosen to put my stuff out there and everyone’s entitled to an opinion. I’m just happy that they’ve taken the time to check my music and comment.
Your EP ‘SR1’ is out now, what are top three things people expect from the project?
When listening to SR1, you can expect the production to be delivered to you with real musical emotion. Flows and catchy melodies to keep you listening. Lastly, something you can hopefully relate to.
You’re credited as an both an artist and producer, which of these do you feel more comfortable on?
I feel comfortable on both equally. I’ve been making beats, writing, performing, recording and mixing my own music from day one. The reason why I credited myself as an Artist and Producer is to make sure that everyone is aware. I feel that every true artist who is instrumental through the whole process is also a producer.
What can we expect from SlickdotR in 2018?
I’ve got a load of original material that I want to share with the world. SR1 Is already available on most streaming services and I’ll be following it up with SR2 around the first quarter of the year. I plan to reach more stages this year coming and I’m excited to hear what people think of this new sound I’m creating.
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