We’re living in an age where people throw about the phrase ‘was a movie’, but this latest shit from Jords is actually a MOVIE. Linking together multiple tracks from the imminent Almost An Adult project dropping on May 5th, this cinematic accomplishment from Jords draws in his ghosts, roots, loves, present reality and aspiration into something seamlessly beautiful. It’s obvious that some blood, sweat, tears and soul went into making this visual that’s been lovingly dedicated to the memory of Jasmine Edwards, Jeremiah Edwards, Roy Wilks, Lorena July & Pauline Chambers

In the words of Jord’s himself… “If I make something it has to mean something. This film is the truest representation of me as an artist and as a man. This represents the journey that I had to take on the way to becoming a man and creating this body of work, has been one the most challenging, yet most rewarding things I have ever done.”

Singles featured include ‘Halos’ Ft Thea Gajic, ‘Mrs Chambers Kitchen, Pt. 2’, ‘Rose Tinted Glasses’ Ft Jaz Karis and ‘Patterned’ Ft Dotty.

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