Micall Parknsun releases his third album ‘Me Myself and Akai‘ on YNR Productions, we caught up with Parky and had a good old chinwag about beats, rhymes and life..


‘Me Myself and Akai’ is an ever building rap gargantuan, the nucleus of a network of solid production, wordplay and style. This highly anticipated release from the working class dad is entirely self produced (on the Akai MPC 1000, as dedicated in Closing Credits), a true testament to the man’s skills on all fronts, it goes straight to work with a catalogue of head nodding anthems, carefully scattered with a select ensemble of ukhh legends, backed by beats that kick.

There are some great features on the album from the likes of Dubbledge and Ramson Badbonez on the hard hitting ‘Money in the bag’, Jyager and Jehst on ‘The Father, the Son & the Holy Ghost’ and a fantastic hype track ‘Wotchalookinat?’ featuring Joker Starr which jumped out at me right away. Even with all the features on this offering, Micall has plenty of solo energy on tracks like ‘My Own Worst Enemy’, ‘The Monster Under the Bed’ and ‘Living to Die’ which has a lick of soulful vibes from Lashana Lynch. The majority of the tracks on the album have cuts by Jazz T, which top off an already overflowing chalice of sounds, plus Chemo and Jehst mixed the whole thing, so all the pieces are in place for what I am sure will become an absolute classic.

Me Myself and Akai’ is out now on CD and digital, this is definitely one for any avid music fan who likes their hip hop smoother than a cashmere codpiece, make sure you grab yourself a copy now!

Some words from Micall Parknsun about the album…

Check out the video for ‘Me’, off ‘Me Myself and Akai’..