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IYDK: Joe Blow – Alpha Ego

For those unfamiliar with the Welsh Hip Hop scene the name Rob Picton aka Joe Blow (JB) may not ring a bell, however this...

Pass The Torch For Ty ‘Event Review’

The legendary MC and producer Ty sadly passed away last year (2020) due to complications from COVID, very quickly tributes poured in from acround...

KAOS Krew ‘Ignorance Is No Defence’ Review

At the end of 2020 KAOS Krew finally released ‘Mind Revolution’ their long awaited debut album, a passion project produced during the 1990's that...

Apex Zero’s ‘Drummer Warrior Storyteller’ Visual Album Screening – Sunday 22nd August

An exhibition of Apex Zero’s new multi-layered visual album ‘Drummer Warrior Storyteller’, exploring personal experiences of oppression and liberation of African and Caribbean people...

IYDK: Datkid & SkinzMann – Sleepless in Pinhoe

Bristol based Datkid joins forces with Exeter based producer Skinzmann on his fourth album (or fifth depending on what your counting) and their first...