Leading up to his long anticipated studio album ‘The Soul Trader’, set for release later in 2016, Mr Bigz has dropped an impressive classic soul inspired project which is produced by long time collaborator Turkish Dcypha (Island Records), with Mr Bigz on co-production also. This is a classy, haute couture affair with some vintage samples and lifestyle rhymes which show Bigz in his comfort zone from the outset/

mrbigz.co.uk // Twitter.com/MrBigzOfficial

Stream here –

My Funked Up Soul 2 – Track list

1. Angela Bassett
2. Beluga Bitches Bollinger
3. Get Your Own
4. Tonite (ft. J Warner)
5. Cazel 657
6. Black Cream
7. Super Hero Theme Music
8. Such A Vibe
9. Fly Beef Rap 2
10. Playtime Is Over
11. Black Yakuza
12. Pestilence
13. This Ain’t Rapping
14. Mumbo Jumbo Gumbo
15. In My Heart


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