What better way for Illaman to launch his EP, than to release this video as a lead single, which depicts a range of deep emotions, delivered in a poetic and artistic way?

With Manchester’s MC DRS on the hook the track is a dark reminder of the realities of society in which we live. A melancholy and melodic hook from DRS tops the single perfectly, and leaves the listener hungry for more.

Speaking of ‘Give Us A Smile’, Illaman described how “The EP was written at a time when I was feeling low. Depressed but excited. Whilst both emotions battled each other. I was in the midst of writing with Pengshui (the Punk/Grime band I’m in) which is very high energy and requires a certain mind state.”

Long-term Illaman associate Norm Oddity is on production throughout the EP, and shows that despite his momentum with metal-grime band Pengshui, his passion for lyrical hip hop is still going strong.

Stream Give Us a Smile EP here, out now on Potent Funkhttp://smarturl.it/jbaqtl

Give us a Smile EP by ILLAMAN