Spotlight: Introducing the first in our series of quick-fire interviews with videographers, DJs, producers, promoters, graff writers, breakdancers and Mc’s. First up is Dom Q, the man behind the Bristol based media channel This and That media

State your name and tell us a bit about This & That Media.

Yo what’s good this is Dom Q. This and That Media is my way of giving back to the Hip-Hop community, one video at a time I guess. The main focus of TTM is producing music videos but the intention was always to provide visuals for a variety of projects. Hence ‘This and That’. You’ll see more of ‘That’ in due course.

How did you get in to making videos?

I started making music videos for myself a while back now when I did music, I got my friends to film the videos and then I’d spend the next however many hours sat at my desk editing it. I had some experience with filming and editing when I was doing Art at college, I just messed about until I made something kind of alright but by the time I was editing my own videos I knew what I wanted to do everything began revolving around these ideas I had.

This & That Media is relatively new, just turning a year old recently, in that time you’ve worked with some heavyweight names in the UK Scene, how did you get involved in hip hop?

Well after filming my own videos with friends, I began filming music videos for those around me including the members of WMD Collective. At some point, Res One and I started planning the “Make Your Mark” music video I produced for their “Delta Bravo Kilo” album after he saw a few projects of mine. Around then I was also filming the ESM Clothing freestyle series. It was at that time I established This and That Media as the brand and made everything work around my filming work.

What’s your first music video?

Fucks sake aha the first video of mine was my own music video it’s crease watching it now. I don’t think I’ve watched it for years. It was called Royale with Cheese but if you’re actually going to look something of mine up then look up ‘284’ or something.

Whats the funniest thing that’s happened to you on location?

Probably filming Datkid’s “Honey I’m Home” music video, Datty was on a roll-through for the most part of the video man and we came up with some jokes shit like the scene where he’s jammin on the toilet with a baseball bat.. or that time everyone had .. lets say.. a real nice trip on the way to a festival they were performing at and I was filming – that was a show like no other – all smashed it despite being completely sideways.

Whats your least favourite part of the whole process of making a video?

I don’t know man I’m pretty obsessed with it all. From developing the storyboard to rendering. Actually, what I don’t like is when I’m working faster than my old computer and I got to wait for tiime before carrying on. Something like a “two steps forward, one step back” situation.

What have you got planned for the future?

Oh there’s a lot in the pipeline. I got a bag of completed projects waiting to be released so you’ve all got that to look forward to in the near future. As for the long game you’ll see This and That Media all up in each and every metropolis, with more ammo for the arsenal ready to provide you with what you need.

Lastly, any shoutouts?

Large up all of the Split Prophets gang, Dutch Mob, WMD Collective, Lost Minds, Aristocrats, Baileys Brown, Babylon Dead, High Focus Records, Blah Records and obviously the 500 million other people I haven’t mentioned. Everybody doing their thing basically, in Bristol and out. Keep doing the thing you’re doing in the way you’re doing that thing being done. Big ups.

Check out the This and That media showreel below and subscribe to the channel here