%image_alt%If The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit got together to write a track about Hip-Hop’s Holy Land, it would sound like Trinity’s “The Bronx.” The three members of hip-hop’s new supergroup play up to their name: AG, of Digging In The Crates (D.I.T.C.) fame, Sadat X, pivotal member of Brand Nubian, and DJ Jab, owner and founder of NYC’s Fat Beats Records.


Verses include shout-outs to the borough’s hot spots, as well as the group’s favorite places:

Up 49th St., known as The Hub/ Used to go Elliott, and spin a little dub/ They tore down the stadium and put it across the street/ Cedric Ave., home of the hip-hop beat.

This is deep so download Trinity’s new single “The Bronx” for FREE! We are also feeling the Roc Raida tribute


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