Dropping their first collab in 12 years, Werd and Deeko are back to shine a spotlight on a music scene that actively punishes individualism. Told through the lens of a city that’s become a parody of itself, ‘Push Forward’ sees the Edinburgh-based artists spit bars over a selection of dirty and desolate beats.

But this isn’t just another lament against rampant commercialism and invasive Airbnbs; it’s an ode to a world that once was. Werd and Deko rail against the erosion of local communities and the damage to working-class cultures when they’re packaged, watered down and sold off like cheap tartan tat in a tourist shop.

Above all, ‘Push Forward’ demands better – of the city and the scene. For anyone who’s ever struggled to feel at home when the hard edges of your city and your scene are sanded down and sold back to you – ‘Push Forward’ will feel painfully familiar.