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3 Reasons not to Sleep On… Savvy aka Asaviour

Huddersfield’s own Savvy aka Asaviour has taken on many guises over the years, be it rapper, producer or art director, he has...
Irish Hip hop Kojaque Midnight Flower video

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Grime has got INSANELY BIG in the last few years. More excitingly many of its leading figures have managed to hold on...

Roughcut Collective ‘Lions’: A Case Study in the Essence of Hip Hop Culture Hard to beat a cheeky Al Green sample. Afire's subtle flip of a few stray notes from the acapella of 'Love and Happiness' is everything...

3 Reasons Not to Sleep On… Pertrelli Purple

Hailing from Leeds, the formerly shorter titled ‘Pertrelli’ has donned purple as both a hue to his visuals and extension of his name in...