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Statue Stance: Commentating on a Massacre album cover

IYDK: Statue Stance – Commentating on a Massacre

Rejoice! The end of this bizarre social experiment is coming to an end. On the horizon, if you squint, you might be able to...

The 3rd Estate Speak on Fusing Jazz and Hip Hop, Tragic Losses and New...

Thrumming with organic energy, experimental hip hop-jazz project ‘Heart is Beating’ from live outfit The 3rd Estate is just that- alive. Somewhat of a...

Uncle Mic Nitro ‘Vincent on Horseback’ Review

Southampton based Uncle Mic Nitro (UMN) releases his bizarrely named fourth (and 'last') album 'Vincent on Horseback', on a record label joint-venture between B-Line...
Zatoichi's Easr BRAZiLL album cover

IYDK: Zatoichi’s Ears – BRAZiLL

Every year we’re subjected to winter, and every year it gets worse. I swear we’re not supposed to live this far from the equator....

Butterscotch & Damaged Goodz ‘Brothers From Another Planet’ Review

Dingwall based Butterscotch and Glasgow born, Fort Williams based Damaged Goodz release 'Brothers from Another Planet' EP, the debut collaborative project from the Scottish...