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Ray Vendetta ‘Son of Floyd’ Review

London based lofty Ray Vendetta (RV) releases his fifth album 'Son of Floyd' on his own independent imprint Prestigious Recordings, a label he started...
BVA Lex Neville Album art

BVA – ‘Lex Neville’ Review

The last 14 months have been weird. No pubs, no festivals, no shows. Thankfully, some things have stayed the same. British weather is still...
Werd & Deeko - Sorry We Were Missed review

Werd and Deeko – ‘Sorry We Were Missed’ Review

Scottish hip hop tends to get a bad rap (no pun intended). To tell people in London that some of the most original hip...

PROSPECTS / ESP Collective 05:21 Live

https://youtu.be/_bbsF_6VLjo PROSPECTS, Gen Co & Kenney repping ESP collective passed through the 05:21 studio and dropped the latest in their series if Live videos. Check...
Deeq - Obsidian album cover

IYDK: Deeq – Obsidian

Did you know, a study by Microsoft found that the human attention span has dropped to eight seconds – shrinking nearly 25% in just...