It’s fair to say the US has always claimed the spotlight in terms of hip hop in the decades since it’s inception despite Britain repping since almost day. To celebrate the much deserved recognition that artists this side of the Atlantic still lack gloablly, we took a look at 10 times the yanks tipped their hat towards our shores. Results below in no particular order.

Copywrite ‘Royal Flush’ ft.Genesis Elijah, Mystro & Iron Braydz

First up is the straight up bar fest that is ‘Royal Flush’ by Copywrite featuring Mysdiggi FKA Mystro, Da Flyy Hooligan FKA Iron Braydz and Genesis Elijah (always known as Genesis Elijah but back when he had dreads). Don’t think this appears on any album, but was released in the run up to Copywrite’s 2012 album God Save the King… It’s worth noting we could’ve populated over half this list from the Proper English Version. Well worth checking out.


Dutch Mob ‘One Percent’ ft Edo G

Something more recent, lifted from last year’s dope Passport EP, Dutch Mob (Res One & Mista Fire) enlisted the services of Boston’s Ed O.G for ‘One Percent’, which takes aim at the political and corporate elite over an Illinformed beat.


Phoenix Da Icefire ‘Do My Ting’ ft Cormega

Someone I definitely feel deserves more shine Phoenix Da Icefire aka Solar Black has been consistently putting out dope music for years, whether by himself, with his brother or as part of the supercrew Triple Darkness, his energy shines through on everything he drops. Notable mention to ‘The Point of No Return’ lifted off The Quantam Leap feat Klash and Keith Murray, we opted to include ‘Do My Ting’ ft the mighty Cormega due to the dope visual shot by Global faction.


Brothers of the Stone  ‘Meditation’ ft Vinnie Paz

Brothers of the Stone‘s debut self titled album was something special, and so was the list of features. Entirely produced by Illinformed, with bars by Leaf Dog and BVA, this still gets regular rotation. Fittingly for a Vinnie Paz feature, Illinformed seems to have taken a leaf out of the book of JMT on the instrumental for ‘Meditation’. Other features from across the pond on the LP come in the form of Beast1333, KRS One and Reef the Lost Cauze.


Iron Braydz ‘Firey Red’ ft Sean Price

Braydz & ‘The brokest rapper you know’, The late Sean P ‘Verbal Swardz’ had to make the list, anyone who knows Braydz/Da Flyy hooligan‘s music will know these two were tight, this is evident his tribute track ‘Sean Price’ lifted off S.C.U.M.

We dont need to have a manager to ask Ruck to make a track i came through played the song over the phone and he was feeling that… simple as‘ – Iron Braydz ft Sean Price ‘Hammer’


DJ Supreme ‘Arctic II’ ft Ice-T & The Icepick

Ice-T is no stranger to the UK hip hop scene, having signed Hijack to his label Rhyme Syndicate back in the late 80s, although this is his first collaboration with UK artists. Arctic II as the name suggests is the remix of DJ Supreme’s previously released track of the same name, also featuring The Icepick.


Stig of the Dump ‘Braindead’ ft R.A. The Rugged Man

It doesn’t get more gully than this. Stig of the Dump aka King Grizzly teams up with New York’s R.A The Rugged Man, pure filth. The result is the absolutely headbanging Braindead. Lifted from Stig’s ‘Moodswings’


Rhyme Asylum ‘Attitude Problem’ ft Copywrite

Lifted off the debut 2008 release ‘State of Lunacy’ Rhyme Asylum teamed up with Copywrite on this one ‘Attitude Problem’. Other notable mentions include Event Horizon ft. Crooked I & Open Mic Surgery ft DarkStar & Ill Bill ,both lifted off ‘Solitary Confinement’. Unfortunately the London group are no longer making music together, but definitely worth checking the couple of albums they did put out if you’ve not done so.


Lowkey ‘Voices of the Voiceless’ ft Immortal Technique

Probably the most obvious pairing on the list, two of the most of politically minded emcees from either side of the pond teamed up for Voices of the Voiceless. Lifted off Lowkey‘s The Soundtrack to the Struggle. A collaboration that had to happen.


Mark B & Blade ‘Split Personalities’ Ft Al Tariq

‘The Unknown’ – the seminal record by Blade and the Late Mark B is definitely high on our list of UK records that stood the test of time, and still gets regular rotation at the UKHH camp. The nostalgia inflicted by this album is up there with ‘Council Estate of Mind’. Split Personalities featuring Al’ Tariq, formerly of The Beatnuts had to make the list. Rest in Piece Mark B.


Obviously we’re aware there are a bunch more UK US collabs that could’ve made the cut, so we’ll be putting out a follow up list at some point. Hit us up with straight up fire that you think should make the second list.