3 Banging mixtapes courtesy of Dephect all available free of charge on their new Soundcloud page.

Make sure you head over to the Dephect website for full tracklist info, more free downloads and the freshest garms.

The Black And Yellow Chamber – DJ Getz 

The Black & Yellow Chamber is a Wu Tang Killa Bee mix by Dephect’s own DJ Getz. Featuring the Wu generals and Wu Killa Bee affiliates such as Killah Priest, Timbo King & Bronze Nazareth.



Echo Base No.25 Feb/March 2014 

Echo Base is back for the first time since 2013 with one of the illest shows to date! Plenty of dope new Hip Hop provided by Mr Brown and Pings, as well as a guest mix from Norway’s finest, FredFades, featuring tracks and samples from his forthcoming EP Breathe (available on KingUnderground Records)



Donnie Propa – Premo Takeover Mixtape

The Premo Takeover Mixtape was produced by Donnie Propa as a dedication to DJ Premier first and foremost. It features 39 Premo instrumentals with different UK MC’s rapping on them.

“I’ve personally never heard a mixtape like this and am already working on volume 2! I have to give massive big up’s to all the MC’s. I think it’s a good range of UK rappers from the last few generations, with people from legendary crews like Def Tex, Gutter Snypes, Phi Life Cypher and Out Da Ville dropping heavy 16’s on some of the finest beats in Hip Hop, alongside MC’s from more recent crews like Granville Sessions, Prose, TNC, Book Thieves, Four Owls, Heavy Links and many more”. Donnie Propa.



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