Having released his debut EP around the tail end of 2017, East London based rapper C.A.M is definitely a new name to the UK’s hip hop scene. However, those who’ve been around a good few years will be pleasantly reminded of the golden era with the vibe that he brings on the mic, reminiscent of the likes of Sundragon and Jehst, while still bringing a unique presence to his tracks.


Act Like You Know

Authenticity: C.A.M’s descriptive language and honesty in his voice makes him a strong name that’s not easy to brush off as another ‘fly by night’ emcee. His debut single ‘Act Like You Know’ received airplay on DJ MK’s Kiss 100 show and set the tone for what he brings to the table.


Twin Beacons ft. Parallax

Lyrical depth: Being able to paint pictures in the listeners’ mind is a skill that takes years of development, and this is what makes C.A.M’s prowess a real enigma. Clearly a student of the game who has taken hinters from the most respected names out, he’s a rapper that dives in way below the abyss –

“We from the royal lineage of verbal alchemists, meditate on the mountain ridge, fading out to the sound of bliss, never been doubting us// twin beacons of light, freeing demons we the keepers of the keys to the mind”



Content matter: Breaking out of the stereotypical subjects that can often make rappers’ content predictable, C.A.M covers subjects on spiritualism, existentialism, and his reflection on life, death, pain and joy. The full concoction of all these elements is laced together masterfully on his EP The First Move.

Stream his EP ‘The First Move’ –

The First Move by C.A.M

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