It’s probably not a contentious statement to say that truly sick female lyricists within the UK hip hop scene are in too short supply. Without going deep into analysing a culture of sexism, under-representation and probably a general code of behaviour/vibe of events that makes a sizeable percentage of the fairer sex opt to take a hard pass… There’s definitely something in need of remedy leading to the current deficit. Perversely, it seems that despite the void of female representation, a handful of intensely intelligent, complex rhymers are busy being next-level sick and inexplicably catching nowhere near the level of exposure they truly deserve.

The rant above feels validated to a degree by TrueMendous finally signing to High Focus and getting catapulted to the level of fame she deserves after us yelling on seemingly deaf ears for time that it was vexing that she wasn’t in the limelight. Unfortunately, any pats on the back we’ve given ourselves are fully cancelled out by the fact that we’ve criminally under-covered her fellow Brummie, the incredibly sick; Lady Sanity. Sanity has been on the radar for a while, ever since we clocked a dope feature on the Setting Standards LP from the legendary 4orce. Since then, team UKHH has grown steadily impressed but also managed to drop the ball on coverage of relevant release dates. So here’s 3 reasons why you (and we) shouldn’t sleep on Lady Sanity…


Referring to Lady Sanity as hip hop is a bit reductive. See exhibit A: ‘Noise’. While she has made numerous tunes that are definitively hip hop, embodies conscious lyricism and a quick google will inform you that she is ‘Hip Hop/Rap’, she gets more than competently grimey on numerous tunes including this single from 2020’s Lying in Truth EP. All while staying mad conceptual with the bars and visual. Fire alarms go off every time someone plays this.


‘Focus’ features Sanity maintaining a lyrical approach that’s engagingly intense over an instrumental by Lowpass Luke that has mellow vibes in enough abundance to make The Mouse Outfit jealous. The ebb and flow between double-time exorcisms and jazzy melodic breathing spaces on this one is everything that’s dope about the under-rated lyricist.

Plus the video with LS in dialogue with her doppelganger with slick edits by Matt Davey is a look.


As if it wasn’t already apparent that Lady Sanity is crazy diverse, get an earful of ‘Bullseye’. Part classically positive hip hop lyricism, part dub and funk infused live instrumentalism, with the addition of a killer hook. Its impossible to have anything but love for this. It’s never just a surface vibe though. Sandwiched between the skank-inducing elation of the overall tune, as always, there’s still plenty of food for thought to get your teeth into here. With serious topic matter permeating her discography, its also a nice opportunity to see Sanity in joyous mode.

3 tunes isn’t enough really. Some tip of the iceberg shit. Go rinse Lady Sanity’s whole discography. Or even better, cop the incredibly sick latest EP here.