In keeping with #UKHHSummerSickness, our newest contributor Emilia Cox chose one of our Outlook Festival artist recommendations for her 3 Reasons not Sleep On… piece. The melodic Mancunian rapper/singer is 100% UKHH certified fresh. Don’t Sleep!


Among the female artists killing it in the UK scene right now, one who stands out most is LayFullStop; the self proclaimed soulstress hailing from Manchester. An affiliate of Roots Raddix Records, member of the hip hop collective Cul De Sac and a friend of IAMDDB, Lay has been combining her smooth flow with heavenly vocals to create a sound entirely of her own and it’s about time she got recognised for it.

Intact (Cradle Me)

This slick, soulful track has to be the first reason not to sleep on Lay. With Freddie Joachim on the beat and Vanessa Roth on the visuals, Lay’s vulnerability takes us on a journey and creates a rare vibe that makes this track one to remember. It’s the first song of Lay’s I came across, and it’s a true example of her skill set.


Know we now – Cul De Sac

One of four in Manchester’s up-and-coming Cul De Sac, Lay goes in hard on this one. Letting us know she’s just as fierce as she is conscious, she harmonises over the beat and hits us with a verse that completes this track. Big Fugees vibes on this one.


Bohemian Queen

Last but not least is ‘Bohemian Queen’, a stand-out track from her newly released mixtape; Colour Reaction. Through Bohemian Queen, Lay addresses “misconceptions of women and spirituality and what it means to be unconventional in today’s world”; it’s a smooth sound with a fierce message, part of a body of work that comes from the heart. Each song from Colour Reaction tells it’s own story of growth, love and gratitude – personal to Lay but universally relatable. The wisdom, insight and talent Lay projects into her work mean she’s definitely not one to sleep on. Here’s hoping 2018 is her come up year.

Get your tickets to catch LayFullStop live with us at Outlook Festival here and on the high seas on the Diplomats of Sound boat party here.