Introducing… the first ‘3 Reasons Not to Sleep On…’, a series of pieces by UKHH writers showcasing artists they think deserve greater recognition.

Even before dropping his debut EP Arthur Lager earlier this year, Rye Shabby has been making ripples across the UK hip hop scene.

From spitting over grime beats as a kid to spinning vivid lyrical yarns over sparse instrumentals, Shabby has honed in on a sound both unmistakably British and singularly impressive.

With a string of collabs and allusions to a number of other projects on the way, 2018 looks like the year those ripples turn into a tidal wave for the Ipswich native. Check out the tracks below for just three very good reasons to find yourself on the end of that Shabby wave.

Kate Moss

“I want Versace satin sheets just to rest upon, and a Nokia 3310 that you can text me on.” Shabby skewers the material obsession and celebrity worship of the Instagram generation, delivering each line with the sting of a scorpion on steroids. Kate Moss lands like a well-timed gut-punch, giving two fingers to the starfucker culture and positioning Shabby as a worthy ambassador for the new generation of UK hip hop.

Face the World

The tranquil pace, the liquid-smooth flow, the laid back, stripped down instrumentals; this is Shabby in his element. Working with producers like Illinformed, Verb T and Muckaniks, Shabby has access to some of the best beats around. In Face the World, his hazy drawl and murky wordplay find the perfect home.

Black is the New Black (Ft. Verb T)

You get the feeling that Shabby would be just at home tripping balls in a field with a crowd of space cadets as he would smashing out bars at an inner-city cypher. His rapid-fire delivery recalls the earlier days of hip hop, and that’s exactly what Black is the New Black does. An ode to keeping it classic, Black is the New Black proves Shabby knows his roots but, more importantly, he isn’t afraid to outgrow them.