Stig of the Dump – Merry Dissmas

This one is too good. Stig absolutely smashed it for the crown of seasonal joker here. The guy must have had a lot of time on his hands in the winter of 2012. As if writing a Christmas diss rap and putting together a suitably funny video for it wasn’t enough effort, man like Stig went fully interactive with it. Resulting in something kind of like an R rated video version of one of those choose your own adventure kids books, the dump dwelling lyricist made a purpose-built website that allowed users to choose from multiple lists of characteristics that then spat out personalised Christmas disses to send to one’s friends/enemies. Tech. If this has never been a part of your festive greetings, then you’re doing Christmas wrong.

Make your own here:

Flabz and Firts – Anti Christmas Song

The awards for biggest grinches go to Flabz and Firts. They really hate Christmas. Don’t buy them a present.


Hozay – Bad Santa

Hozay provides his antidote to the midnight massy, Brussel sproutsy, family photoey, side of Christmas with ‘Bad Santa’. Utilising an instrumental flip (produced by Hozay himself) of Frank Sinatra’s Jingle Bells that would have the crooner rotating in his grave, the South West spitter diverts Christmas into an entirely messy affair. Rocking a sack full of drugs, poker chips, booze and a sawn off shotgun with an entourage of strippers and alcoholic reindeer, Hozay’s Santa is not a guy you want climbing down your chimney while your kids are asleep.