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Another of my countrymen who decided to make the move to Melbourne, 76, originally from Birmingham and a member of the collective known as The Herd, has been hard at work in recent months putting together and opening his studio –Stronghorn Studio’s. I wanted to get another Englishman’s take on the Melbourne scene and life in general over here so after months of barbeques and Carlton Drafts 76 was the man for the job

76State your name and occupation

Producer/engineer/studio manager/matrix escapee

So give us a little background on 76, what you’ve been involved in back in the UK and what prompted the move to Melbourne?

Well I started as a rapper then moved into production from there, as production was hard to find back then also at around the same time I started D’jing for a local pirate station which I did for about 5 years, it was also on this radio station that I met my wife Bronskii (a DJ also) who is originally from Oz Hence the eventual move here. I’ve been producing for about 12 or so years now, during my time in the UK I got involved in a few different projects, Black Samurai 2 and 3 also had music Featured on MTV base on a short run program called Hip Hop review with Tee Max and Fusion, (which should never have been cut I might add) and later went on to set up Stronghorn Records.

So, what do you miss about Brum if anything?

Clearly I miss my people, I forged some real good relationships through music in Birmingham, shouts to the Stronghorn fam back there, Premiere Williams (my favourite producer), Blaq-i, Aires, Serocee, Benjenius and Ariekei, they my true peeps, I mean, we used to just share music, didn’t necessarily have to be making it but we kept each other inspired.

” give yourself a better shot, the world is such a big place …”

How has the transition been moving over here, you enjoying Melbourne?

It has been both hard and fun, Melbourne has a lot to offer, it has been good to me, I’ve made a few good connections here too

So you’ve not too long ago opened up Stronghorn Studio’s over here. I’ve gotta say it’s a very nice establishment indeed. How has this been setting it all up and how’s it going?

Thank-you, Stronghorn studios has been on the cards for a long time, I mean I’ve always had a setup of some kind or another, but never official, by that I mean purpose built soundproofed rooms. It’s been a long journey, its going well tho getting better all the everyday, word of mouth is a wonderful thing, cheap too, suits me.

Have you managed to keep working with your boys back home and have you got anything you’re gonna be working on with them?

To be totally honest, I haven’t done as much as I should have, a couple of things here and there, just been a busy year for me with the studio and life, I’ve been taking time out to rediscover myself, in all the years of running Stronghorn, I’ve never had my own release, so when I get time to myself I’m trying to focus on that, but truss me ,we got things lined up, I mean each artist has a solo ambition and we just chipping away at that, good thing we got the internet! Serocee ‘Second Generation Windrush Pickney’ coming soon!

What about over here? Have you worked with any Oz artists?

Yup, I’ve made a few good connections while I’ve been here for sure, One of the first being First Class which consists of Reason, Briggs and Dj 563(Obese) and a few new connections from the UK, (Nine High), but as always I’m gonna follow my instincts which has led me to continue to make new connections in the states also.

” It almost seems to me that that time has come and gone in the UK …”

How would you describe the scene over here to someone back home and who would you recommend checking out?

If I was to recommend checking out this scene it would be for two main reasons, from my point of view the scene in Oz reminds me of the UK scene about 10 years ago, not musically but in potential, I mean you got groups like The Hoods, upfront collecting awards radio stations in support of the culture and records shops that actually specialize in Oz Hip hop! It almost seems to me that that time has come and gone in the UK, now the biggest forum is Channel poo, I mean Channel U.

The other reason is that there to be a brother sister type relationship between the UK an Oz that more people from the UK need to embrace, rather than “reppin’ your endz” only in your endz, give yourself a better shot, the world is such a big place.

Do you ever see yourself going back to England or would you look at Melbourne now as ‘home’?

I’d like to call Melbourne home now, I spent close 30 years In the UK, It’s too easy to run back to what’s familiar I need to give it a good shot here, Birmingham will always be my home too, guess I’m lucky to be able to say that.

Finally, any shouts?

Ima keep this one short, Once again The Stronghorn fam (The HEaRD) in the UK, Kanista, Nine High, Moorish Delta, Dj Flagrant, M-Phazes and the Crooked Eye fam.

– Fraksha


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