8THW1 Interview

8THW1. Interesting title don’t ya think?

Interesting, and focused too.

Here, the Jersey native talks about the demi-god’s of music and bringing people together, with the controversy of ‘selling out’…And on THAT subject we could talk all day; but we won’t.

8thW1 has bigger fish to fry, and a movement to create.

See for yourself…

What’s the 8thW1 sound?

8thw1Myself. Music is simply a form of expression. It’s as simple as talking. My sound is what you hear pretty much. A young man finding himself in the world and sharing what he finds to be true and/or entertaining about himself and the world around him. Basically, I am thinking out loud in front of you.

Tell me about lovemoneyandmusic. How long did it take to come together?

That’s my baby. This wasn’t a practice run, this is the album that I envision every 8thW1 fan should have. It’s my introduction to the world as a man. It’s my interpretation of emotion, necessity and release, the trinity in which every human being on the planet is subordinate to.

It’s still coming together the album is simply the first step of introducing the concept, which I intend on spreading past music.

So, do you reckon you can ‘intrigue Rakim fans as well as entertaining the Jonas Bros fans’? And why want to?

Oh, snap! You read the blog, lol. Well, I hope I can accomplish such a great feat. That is truly a high-wire act on dental floss but it is possible. To do such will bring back the days of mega-stars like Michael Jackson, Elvis, The Beatles, Prince even. We haven’t seen credible musicians/entertainers of that magnitude in quite a while. They’re demi-gods, if you will.

You see, the true accomplishment here is making music that everyone can appreciate. That brings people together. No one in hip-hop has achieved that, not one! Maybe domestically, but there is no album based in hip-hop that has gone Pop to the point where it can compete with ‘Thriller’, something that is commercially accessible but still an amazing record that everyone can appreciate.

We as ‘purists’ are so quick to hate on that type of success. Therefore, most emcees either shun that goal or ‘sellout’ altogether. But can someone walk that line in which we ‘crossover’? The best emcee can write a rhyme that no one can touch but anyone can memorize. In other words, he/she is a great emcee because he/she is a great communicator. Great communicators bring people together.

What’s influenced you most so far?

Love, the desire to be a better person. Living life and gaining the strength to look at the truth and deal with it. That Jack Nicholson line ‘From A Few Good Men’ is real, “You can’t handle the truth!”

What’s the best live show you’ve ever done?

I have many good memories. The one that made me realize this is real was the Knitting Factory back in May of ’08. The line-up was stupid! It was all of AOK (8thW1, Fresh Daily, Homeboy Sandman, P.Casso and Naturel, at the time) except for Nola Darling and my dudes Brokn Englsh opened up. I just remember walking up on stage and going-in with an accapella, then the rest of the show was beautiful chaos. People knew my words and rocking with me passionately. It felt good.

Best meal of all time

I am an organic, health freak yet I love the good old greasy homecooking. So, if my mom shopped at Whole Foods and made a Thanksgiving meal. I would be in heaven.

Favourite drink?

Kombucha Tea. It can be a little dangerous and messy if you are not careful. The natural effervescence can cause the bottle to explode if you shake it up and when you open it the bubbles rush to the top so you have to let the gas seep out of it for a bit before doing so.

Flippin heck, that can’t be good for you. Happiest memory?

8thw1 2I was somewhere with someone and it seemed like the world stopped at the walls of the room we were in. There was no other place I wanted to be.

Thing you find most difficult?

Letting go. Something I am proud to say I have gotten much better at.

What’s coming up and where can we cop the album?

I just dropped a new mixtape called Crazy 8’s. It’s mixed by DJ GetLive (HomeBase, NYC). You can download it from my site www. lovemoneyandmusic.com.

The album, lovemoneyandmusic, will be digitally released on August 26th but for those who can’t wait you can stream it and purchase it off of my website.

Check the links below and cop the album – definitely has a Kanye West kinda feel….

– Lady Jay UK


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