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You may remember Agallah The Don Bishop from his work under his previous alias 8Off. For anyone who was around in the mid-nineties you must remember that classic ‘Ghetto Girl’ track. If not then don’t worry, this is a good place to start as the man from the infamous Purple City organization gave us a few moments of his precious time to let us know what’s going on in Agallah’s world. With his excellent ‘Propane Piff’ mixtape out with features from 50Cent, Juelz Santana, Cam’ron, Cormega, Jay Z and JR Writer from Dipset this classic CD is finally getting Agallah the props he rightfully deserves. UKHH.Com sent our new writer Dirty Den to find out more…

You’ve been in the game for years but when would you say you officially became a recording artist?

I got into it seriously around 1993 when I got my first deal. To be honest even before that I was considered a phenomenon! It’s mad that we are in 2006, that’s over 10 hard working years to get to where I’m at in life! Thank Allah the most merciful for everything.

ImageWhat was the first track you released? Was it ‘Ghetto Girl’?

Yeh, the first track I released was “Ghetto Girl” on East West Records. It was taken from the full length album “Wrap Your Lips Around This” which never got a release because the label fell through, but the LP was a classic. No one was flowing like I was at the time I was. Guess I am just ahead of my time.

“…My first single … is called ‘Club Hoppin’ and it takes hip-hop back to them days of fun in the club – nah meen? That’s where I’m at… bringin’ the culture together…”

You rap and also produce. Which do you prefer?

I like both because it shows my true talent more with my feelings as an artist. I come from the gutta so the stuff I say is real and that’s how I like to keep it. I’d rather save all the heat for my self than give it to an artist because it’s what I’m thinking, nah mean?! It’s my vision… all the tracks I did for anyone was merely my vision or theirs meshed with mine to collaborate on a track or a song.

What other rappers have you collaborated with?

Dead Prez, EPMD, Dipset, Cormega, and a lot of up and coming cats like Ike Eyes of Ghetto Rock Stars and whole lot more, some of Hip-Hop’s greats.

What has been your most memorable experience and why?

My most memorable experience in Hip-Hop was the day my song got played on the radio for the first time and it got spun 8 times by the legendary DJ Red Alert. I felt astonished for real, shit was amazing, seeing people feel me and knowing DJ’s was supporting.

What artists have you made beats for?

There’s’ absolutely loads, but Busta Rhymes, ONYX, Run Dmc, Mobb Deep, Big Pun, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Tony Touch, Remy Ma, Dipset, Dead Prez, Cappadonna, Tragedy Khadafi, Sadat X, Purple City, Nice & Smooth, Sean Price, Group Home and a whole lot more! I would be here all day if kept naming! Go to and search me up.

AgallahWhy did you change your name from 8off to Agallah?

Well I felt it was time to elevate. It was time for change, so Agallah is my government last name and I decided to run with it. I have other names also such as Eddie Propane Piff, Edwardo Piffer Handz, Piffy Jones and Hazy Eddie. These are all alter egos within Agallah The Don Bishop that makes me who I am. My music is the epitome of hip hop with street knowledge. We gotta come up so me changing my name is a sign of doing that.

Tell us about your label Purple City. What is Agallah The Don Bishop’s and Purple City’s affiliation with Dipset?

Well me and Shiest and Jim are mutual peoples from getting’ high Uptown where we all used to be at. When they met me it wasn’t on no music vibe, it was more of a street vibe. Then Jim heard my song I had called “Gangsta” and he loved it. He then told me he wanted to put it on a mixtape and that started my affiliation with the Dip’s. I thank Cam, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana for co-singing me on ‘Let Ya Guns Go’ which got me popping! Thanks to Shiest Bub for helping’ make that happen.

So you got a new album dropping. Whats it called?

It’s called “You Already Know”. I feel like people should already know what’s good shit for real. I been putting in work. I been working with some of the greats from Busta to EPMD from G Rap to Kane, I been in this game for so long now and I’m finally getting my shot to do some good numbers, so you should already know it’s gonna be fire. Agallah The Don Bishop – the hottest ‘rapper slash producer’ to come out of NYC in a hot minute.

Tell us about it. Who’s on it? What tracks are killin’ it in New York at the moment?

Well I got Dead Prez, Kool G Rap, Nappy Roots, Purple City, my boy Ike Eyes, Carl Anthony on vocals, it’s the bomb. The project is my best work to date and I’m very proud of it. My first single from my forthcoming album is called ‘Club Hoppin’ and it takes hip-hop back to them days of fun in the club – nah meen? That’s where I’m at… bringin the culture together South, West East and Midwest – all in one. My ‘Propane Piff’ mixtape CD is ‘critically acclaimed’ right now as the best exclusive mixtape on the streets!

The Don BishopHave you had much response from it? I know people all over the world are loving the purple city vibe. Whats countries give you the best response?

Well London, Birmingham, Manchester & Wolftown in the UK, Germany, Sweden and others have been giving it love. The vibe is growing, so now I gotta take advantage of the platform and pop off with this debut album I’m droppin it on August 8th 2006 so please go cop this LP if you love real music. I do really appreciate all the love the fans have shown… so y’all go get that!

“…My most memorable experience in Hip-Hop was the day my song got played on the radio for the first time and it got spun 8 times by the legendary DJ Red Alert…”

What makes purple city different to other crews?

Well… we are not a crew, more like a label devised of three business men!

Do you have any other releases forthcoming on Purple City?

Propane PiffMyself in August, Ike Eyes coming soon after and more to drop from Agallah The Don Bishop your favorite rapper/producer.

Well that wraps it up nicely, thanks for spending time to do this interview for

Thank you Den and everyone at You UK promoters holla at me so I can get over there and rock some stages! One love to all my comrades, stand up and to all the prisoners come home soon. Thanks and respects for the exposure… Eddie Propane Piff.

With the recent slump in New York rap, Agallah is bringing something refreshing back to real Hip-Hop. Please take the time out to check the related links at the bottom of the page

Dirty Den


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