SWEG LAWDSStraight off the back of Supergod5000 PLUS the cult leader Lee Scott is back, alongside Blah label mate Black Josh. Forces combined, they are B-Movie Millionaires and their latest album Attack of the 50,000 ft SWEG LAWDS from Outer Space (henceforth to be referred to as Sweg Lawds for the sake of ease) has landed! From the point the opening skit track with its cult focused infomercial voice over lends an obvious nod to Black Josh and Lee Scott’s prominent Roles in super crew Cult of the Damned, the LP is basically a résumé for why Blah records have become the embodiment of a unique sonic approach to hip hop at present.

Making a trademark of lazy, cocky, drawling lyrics that manage to be simultaneously witty and possess an air of zero fucks or effort being put into their construction, Blah artists have united over this approach over mescaline induced beat making to carve out a vibe that distinctly separates them from the ‘London Sound’ that has traditionally dominated UK hip hop. Sweg Lawds sees arguably two of the biggest names in this movement deliver a masterclass in exactly why Blah is a threat.

‘Cool Like Dat’ sets the tone perfectly for the album demonstrating why the duo work so well together and have achieved Sweg Lawd status. Lines like ‘I’m so motherfucking important I got offered a Nike deal before Jordan’ and ‘Lets make it all about me if thats ok with you. This is something I was born to do‘ are laced over a cavernous Sam Zircon beat that walks the listener step by step through a cult initiation ceremony leaving them fully devoted to the Lawds of Sweg. Listen out for the hilarious adlibs on this one.

In keeping with Sweg Lawd tradition the album was recorded in a kitchen in Blackburn a couple of years ago. Said kitchen sets the scene for the video Sw£g Level 9000 which hosts the albums only feature fellow cult of the Damned compatriot Bill Shakes. Check out the video below which gives a rare insight in to the Lawds’ super human capabilities, such as Leezus holding a pineapple hostage at knife point.

Production is handled entirely by UKHH stalwart, Zircon, and is consistently dope. Affecting different facets of an overarching dark and gritty sound that is varied enough throughout to give each track a unique identity and not get samey, soundscapes unite into a hypnotic, head nodding canvas for Josh and Lee to showcase their lyrical multiplicity. A stand out feature of the instrumental underpinnings of Sweg Lawds is the noticeably heavier pulse than might be expected from a Blah release, with a more animated, booming heartbeat that adds extra weight to the project. All this results in the Millionaries having emerged from the creative process brandishing an arsenal of authentic bangers that still also completely includes the tried and tested eery sacrificial formula we’ve come to expect from Blah. Think the heavier end of the labels spectrum e.g. the Zygote produced ‘Cult of the Damned part deux‘ and you’re roughly in the space occupied by numerous Sweg beats.

After bumping Sweg Lawds for a about a week or so, I’ve not found myself skipping any tracks. There are no real low points. Personal highlights for me include the Hilarious ‘Whatchusayin’ which revels in both taking aim at and perfecting the art of saying nothing, and the lead single ‘Social Media’ (which can be viewed below) firing shots at the Social Media generation. This is definitely well worth checking out, will no doubt be well received by Blah’s regular fan base, and hopefully capture the attention of those not already familiar with Lee Scott or Black Josh.

Cop Sweg Lawds on the Blah Records website on limited edition casette or vinyl, hoodies also available.