“You know the business and I know the chemistry, I’m thinking you and I could partner up” is an indication that something explosive, chemical and potentially dangerous is about to happen. ‘Get Ready’, is the perfect introduction song setting the mood for B.O.M.B by rap duo Oliver Sudden and Luca Brazi.


Over a slowed down horn sample with a quiet but present bass, nothing is held back from the MCs. Brazi and Sudden are unapologetic and clear-cut with lyrics like “Kick and snare lacing me with uppercuts”, “Run your gums up I’ll make your mother suck” and “Since back a day when every London rap was painted/ been smashing and still I stay fascinated”. The last lyrics also reflect in the album art work, crafted by London graffiti artist Crept CBM which perfectly represents the straightforward but life-size, UK Hip hop message B.O.M.B. stands for.

Title track ‘B.O.M.B.’ has a real high and outer world vibe. The relaxed “We got that B.O.M.B.” sounds like a lulling drug consisting of old graffiti cans, vinyls and boom bap sounds; the perfect remedy, for old school hip hoppers. The album is given a burst of energy with the livelier ‘One Up’. The 90s sounding video game introduction on ‘One Up’ slowly develops in to an anthem sounding song, promoting a message of staying “one step ahead”.

The rapid and fiery flow on ‘Cookin’ is best described by Sudden who spits “No need to fear, we just came to burn it, I don’t need Charlie to drop me a perfect”, a similar style to ‘Get By’ but more showy and animated, suitable to get any crowd going. The production, which is spilt between Brazi and Sudden blends together and creates a diverse but consistency throughout the album. Sudden’s beats tend to be more mellow and calm with stylistically chimes and high piano notes, with the exception of ‘Cookin’’ and ‘The Chopping Board (Skit)’.  On the other hand Brazi’s production consists of heavier and bouncier percussion, typically more energetic such as the songs ‘One Up’ and ‘Lucky 13’.

‘The Skills’ has a similar feel to ‘The Fengers’ but more lyrical and skilfulness based “armed and dangerous… missing piece to the puzzle”, an highlight on the album presenting nothing but straight lyrics and instead of the conventional verse, chorus, verse, the two rappers go to and fro with one other, making it very hard to choose who had the best performance.

The exchange of verses and instrumentals come together to create B.O.M.B.; a traditionally sounding UK Hip Hop album by Sudden and Brazi, which consist of chilled,  forceful and marijuana prominent lyrics over a collage of instrumentals. Although Brazi and Sudden clearly have different rap and production styles B.O.M.B. manages to showcase both without any compromises whilst allowing each artist to showcase their own abilities.

Review by @Jaimzmusic


B.O.M.B is out now on Boom Bap Professionals and available on CD or Digital here


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