Bristol knows its beats and the debut LP from mesmerising hip-hop producer Baileys Brown comes storming out of the South West later this week on Potent Funk.

With a ferocious roster of MCs spitting the bars – we’re talking Stinkin Slumrok, Datkid, Anbu, Jinxsta JX, Juga-Naut, Hozay, Bil Next, Jay0117, Dabbla, Lee Scott, Bogues, Jordan Nathaniel, LY, Wish Master, Vard and Bew Bonik, not to mention Brown’s own rapping alter ego Axel Holy – Brown doesn’t stay still for a second on the MPC. Sliding from deep-down dirt ‘Something Else Entirely’ to dusty soul ‘Lost In Space’ if there’s one thing Still Fresh is going to do it’s broaden your hip-hop horizons.

The record has already thrown out three well-received videos – ‘Reeboks‘, ‘Horse’s Mouth‘ and most recently ‘Gimme‘ – and their variety offers a clue to the width and breadth of the 13-track record as a whole. The latest off the formidable Potent Funk production line Still Fresh nods to the rise and rise of producer-led albums spreading through the UK hip hop scene and shows a master of the craft at the top of his game.

Still Fresh drops on July 26 on Potent Funk.

Preorder here.