Boom Bap FestivalApologies for the delay, Boom Bap Festival steadily became a wave which not even ye humble narrator could anticipate. If 2016 truly was the festival’s finale, what a send-off it was.

From beginning to end, Boombap was the pinnacle of hip-hop escapism, home to boom-bap purists, trap and grime enthusiasts, general lyrical appreciators alike. Anyone that attended BoomBap 2016 can tell you that the atmosphere was far from unpleasant.

Boom Bap Festival Lineup

Unlike other UK festivals, BoomBap’s niche that promotes pure hip-hop solely attracts the UK’s most dedicated hip-hop followers. Immediately after passing through the overly-whack, tight-ass security on the gates, fans became united into one hip-hop community as they settled camp in the Mildenhall grounds. As a combination of graffers, rappers, producers and (at least a couple) b-boys find themselves side-by-side, BoomBap becomes an annual opportunity to network and engage with like-minded heads from across the country. It’s no wonder that even iconic artists such as Farma G, Pharoah Monche, Blade & R.A. the Rugged Man were drawn to the Summer Stage, sadly providing what could possibly be our last live memories of said artists (and so many more) for a very long time.

For me, every performance, every joke, every experience of BoomBap 2016 are standout highlights – there’s simply too many heads I’d feel the need to shout-out. So instead, I asked a couple of dedicated hip-hop artists who attended BoomBap 2016 to find out their personal highlights of the understatedly memorable weekend.

Sean Peng“I liked a few things. Children of the damned for me is always bang. Barebase was there so that was live.”

Jinxsta“This was my second time at Boom Bap, my last visit being the very first festival a few years ago. It was cool to see how it’s evolved & expanded since. As a performer, I was able link up with supporters & connect with new listeners, which is always big. Best highlight for me though was Task Force. That show was legendary for all the right reasons, set the weekend off in a proper way! Large.”

Chillman“Performance wise I think seeing Babylon Dead who allot of people didn’t realise was Jman till actual BoomBap set it off. That was straight fire and id been bumping his tracks allot before hand, and seeing legends like task force and Skinnyman do their thing was dope too. As a personal experience me and Coosie had a lot of fun recording a cypher in this guys kitted out ambulance van early early in the morning. I only realised it was a converted ambulance when I left and looked back hours later.”

Big Toast“I didn’t make the full festival this year. Had other commitments so the only full day I caught was the Sunday. Was gutted to miss Taskforce but the Sunday line up was pretty special. My personal highlight has to be Blade. His was the first UK Hip Hop album I ever owned and I’d somehow managed to go all these years without ever seeing him live. I’d always heard he put on a great live show and I wasn’t disappointed. Me and the other old fuckers who knew who he was got right involved! Thought it was a fitting tribute to the legend Mark B!”

Illinformed“Good to see all the UK OG’s, MFTC fo’ life, first Babylon Dead set was mad.”

Lee Scott – “Danny Lover performance was my highlight and Pharaohe Monch trolling Baxter backstage on a bus was pretty sweg.”

Novar Flip“My Boom Bap highlight has to be Task Force, and Skinnyman joining them. It was really good to see my Mud brothers share the stage again.”

BadHabitz“Seeing taskforce perform again gave me eargasm!”

Teno“Highlight for me, was Task Force playing Graff The Bus Up live and seeing my man Jman smashing offff a Babylon Dead set!! As well as seeing what the festival has turned into, compared to the first ever boombap in Peterborough 5 years ago! It’s a madness to watch it turn into such gully weekend! Full of safe heads and quality hip-hop.”

Cracker Jon – “My personal highlights of Boom Bap Festival consist of me shaving my hair for the Little Princess Trust.. R A The Rugged Man getting the crowd to rush the stage.. and all the home grown stalls selling merchanduse like Less Effort Clothing. Shouts to Ivan and the team for making it another one to remember.”

By Ethan Everton