As a follow up to the much-loved Persian Rugs EP, C.A.M was always going to have to go bigger. Sure, it’s not the full-length LP we wanted but Just Breathe is another step forward for the London emcee. Building on the rapid-fire emotionally-charged urgency of its predecessor, the EP also gives C.A.M room to explore new territory.

That’s why Just Breathe feels like a natural progression from the rapper – still spitting fire bars, still speaking truth to life’s challenges. Sure, he’s not the only rapper laying bare his struggles. But C.A.M’s knack for turning these bars into a journey of positive self-discovery sets him a step above the self-pitying masses.

At its heart, though, Just Breathe works best when it’s simply a platform for C.A.M’s razor-sharp delivery. ‘Don’t Front’ flows like a river, tearing apart anything that stands in its way (while also offering some on-point deck work courtesy of DJ TMB). Even the hook of the title track captures the emcee’s verbal dexterity.

Bristol-based producer Big Like Baz provides a lush, textured soundscape for C.A.M. Beats shapeshift from the languid jazz vibes of ‘Sleepwalking (Ft. CW Jones)’ to the classic boom-bap of closer ‘City Down South’. And that’s the real appeal of listening to C.A.M; he’s agile, not just verbally but stylistically too.

The ease with which he switches up style on each track suggests that elusive LP will contain a few surprises. Listening to Just Breathe, those surprises couldn’t come soon enough.

Check out Just Breathe on Bandcamp here.