Camouflage Children release their first EP, the 9 track ‘Join Me‘ on Bully. We caught up with them for an exclusive video and reviewed their latest sounds..

2012_03_02_hoochinoo_0062This offering is solely produced by Yanaku and is an epic, electronic dream, scattered with bass heavy dub samples and strings that collide with an ambience that draws on influences from dubstep, post-dubstep and IDM, then mixes it with the cocksure punchy raps of Press 1 and Lenz. This is definitely an interesting, adventurous mixture of sounds and styles.

I think that the majority of MCs that come from a battle rap background can find it difficult to transition into making EPs and albums with depth, content and musical conviction but in the case of Press 1 the transition feels very natural and although the EP is often off-kilter with an eclectic fusion of sounds, the style switching duo have an impressive confidence that works really well on all of the Yanaku created beat smithery. Camo kids have fun with this EP and are effortless in their delivery, switching from double time to more traditional flows in the middle of a hybrid of sounds.

‘In it to win it’ features Rob Coin from Florida based rap movement ‘After The Smoke‘ and ‘I Make Mine’ has the soulful vocals of Kemi Akinbola from London’s ‘The Kemistry‘, which for me is the standout track on the EP along with the Rob Coin joint and ‘HGL’, another powerful track with a surprising vocal from Lenz, a demonstration of how versatile the pair can be, this is thoroughly impressive, beats, rap and bass.

‘Join Me’ is out now on digital, grab your copy for a fresh amalgamation of bass heavy hip hop and electronica..

Check out the post-apocolyptic video for ‘Scatter’ off the EP..