Chima Anya dropped his album ‘The Doctor’s Note‘ at the end of 2012, we at ukhh dot com do not sleep on gems such as this and as soon as I heard it, I felt a review was definitely in order. After taking an initial dose, I followed it up with a repeat prescription.. see what I did there? That’s why I write ukhh album reviews and don’t open up for Richard Blackwood at the Hackney read on…


Chima Anya’s ‘The Doctors Note’ adds a needed injection of soul into UK Hip Hop, his velvety tones mix well with uplifting rounded sounds from German based producer Dexter and result in a enjoyable Hip Hop ride (not to A&E I might add). I find that UKHH in general is lacking the funk and soul of yesteryear and Chima capitalizes on this with liquid harmonies, funky b-lines and smooth wordplay, a very cool offering from Dr Anya.

This is a real album about real issues; ‘Death’, ‘Alcoholism’, ‘IVF’ and on a more positive note, ‘Embracing Life’. Although Chima highlights and discusses conscious issues such as these, he also doesn’t take things too seriously and never forgets to keep music in the forefront, something many artists forget. Musically and philosophically a lot is brought to the table and it’s an enjoyable listen, you will definitely take something away from this contemplative number.

‘Michael’s Song’ is an emotional tear-jerking ride through the IVF process, a beautiful song topped off with the powerful vocals of Birmingham based Francis Mott. Chima’s words hold weight and paint a clear picture of things he has seen, witnessed and been a part of in his professional career. ‘Still Here’ fuses steely Jazz keys with atmospheric steeped beats, dressed in Chima’s bars, one to reflect back on; but for me, the joint is definitely ‘Sippin’. This is actually a song that highlights the dangers about drinking but every time I hear it I want to grab me a glenlivet for sure. Chima turns the issues around on this album, so make sure you turn up the bass and enjoy this and every track on the album, good writing, good beats and great delivery.

The Doctor’s Note is out now on digital, make sure you grab a copy. This is one soulful hip hop health check that you should not ignore, peep the album and call us in the morning..

We caught up with Chima Anya to get his thoughts on the album and some exclusive UKHH bars..

Check out the video for ‘Astro Thoughts’ ft. Francis Moss, taken from the album..