Conflix & Last Skeptik Interview

Both Conflix and the Last Skeptik are heavyweight solo artists in their own right, now with the imminent release of their joint 12” we split their skulls for something a little bit more informative on the duo. I got Skeptik and Cons away from their Beat / Rhyme duties for a little email convo.

Can you introduce yourselves?

Conflix & Last SkeptikLast Skeptik: Whattup, I’m The Last Skeptik. Producer, DJ, etc…

Conflix: Gyeah, this is Conflix aka Confliximus Maximus Decimus aka Vlad Von Donflix aka Benny Hill blah blah…

Why did you decide to do a 12″ together?

Last Skeptik: I’ve known Con for a while, and have always said to him that when I got a chance I want to get him on a few tracks. I really rate him as a lyricist and think he is completely slept on in the UK hip hop network. Once I got a little name, it seems the natural progression to help someone else get up there to be seen, and make good music in the process.

Conflix: I known Skeptik for a while now and we always said we’d do some tracks together, ahh yeah his beats are pretty good too nahmean.

Why did you choose to go with Filthy Habits?

Last Skeptik: I like the way that Wyt Fang handles his business. He’s not doing it for money – it’s all about the music and getting people to hear new tracks. He sent me a CD of some new stuff he was putting out for me to play on my radio show, and I approached him with this project me and Con had in mind.

“…He’s not doing it for money – it’s all about the music and getting people to hear new tracks…”

How did the “Character Assassins” CD come about?

Conflix & Last SkeptikConflix: Last year I’d been doing a lot of open mics but kind of flopping them so I just went back to the drawing board and wrote the sickest verses I could think of for a good few months. During this period I thought it’d be cool to do my own mixtape but get other up and coming hedz I know to feature on it to showcase their skills too. The aim of the CD was to just give emcees a chance to spit & show what they’re about. Character Assassins was more focused on emcee skill rather than actual songs. After a few more months and with Chemo’s help (bigup Mobb Dave) we eventually got a collection of songs together and even managed to get a few more established hedz to feature on it which was a bonus.

What are your plans for the next installation?

Conflix: Volume 2 will be coming soon, this time it’s going to be just original beats but still on the same vibe as da first one. Def want to organise more assassin session ciphers, get bare emcees to come thru and drop shiz.

What do you love about Hip-Hop right now?

Last Skeptik: Same thing I always loved about it. Well produced and innovative music. People who make music because they love it, and are honest and true to themselves and their fans. Specifically, albums by The Away Team, Big Pooh, Common, and new ish from Sway, Verb T and loads of others.

What do you Hate about Hip-Hop right now?

Conflix & Last SkeptikLast Skeptik: Same thing I always hated about hip hop… People always bitching about what’s so wrong with the music. People saying ‘hip hop’ is dead periodically, every year, since hip hop began. Stop complaining. A new album isn’t the ‘saviour’ of hip hop, its another good album that adds to a beautiful music form.

Will you be dropping anything else this year?

Last Skeptik: I don’t know if i’ll be dropping anything that is specifically my project this year, although there will be tracks I’ve produced for Manage, Con, Kashmere, Diversion Tactics, Grimlok and a few others that might come out on their respective projects.

Ermm apart from the single & the CA vol2 mixtape not much… might drop a few pounds in weight tho.

Its a shame what happened with the Dusty Crates Show, will you be appearing on any other radio stations soon?

Last Skeptik: I might do a few guest spots on shows, I’m moving to the U.S. for a year so maybe a college radio show over there or something. I’ll also be hosting the Low Life Radio show again this August on KANE FM with Disorda and possibly Joey Brains.

“…People always bitching about whats so wrong with the music. People saying ‘hiphop’ is dead periodically, every year, since hiphop began…”

How did you hook up with Verb T to do the LP?

Conflix & Last SkeptikLast Skeptik: Me and Verb had been planning a project since mid 2004, and had recorded a few tracks, but no release had been planned. Silent Soundz had spoken to me about my track Word Search being on their mix CD The Sickness, I told them about the Verb project idea and they were interested from that point. The album should be released next year, you’ll have to wait till then for more info!

Who would you like to work on a project with in the future?

Last Skeptik: Kano, Doneao, Skinny, Task Force, and Jibberish from Iron Bridge. That guy is sick. Also singers like Emiliana Torrini if that was ever possible.

Conflix: Def feeling what Antiheroes are doing up north so big them up.

What tracks are you feeling right now (Top 5)?

Last Skeptik:
1. The Away Team – The Shining
2. P Money feat. Mystro – I Had None
3. Big Pooh – Sleepers LP
4. Plan B – Kids
5. Kashmere / Chubby Alcoholic – Shoalin Iron Claw Re-cut

Lay down your Shout outs…

Conflix & Last SkeptikLast Skeptik: Tanyel, Verb T, Diversion Tactics, Melissa, Mark (Wyt Fang), Due South, Press Gang, Rhubarb and Custard, Bagpuss and Marlon Brandy and Bob Saltine Halal Beats affiliates.

Conflix: Bigup Possessed, Sense, Manage, Snuff, Precise da analiser, Syanyde, Mobb Dave, Grimlokimus, Bazza Samedi, Verb T, Crucifix, Red like Master, Butcherino weeger.

Daniel Hargrove