Fresh off the back of his Rennaisance Man mixtape, Cuban Pete is back and ready to lyrically snipe everything from posers to cut-throat capitalism. Capital C Capital P drops just in time for Christmas, and with a trim nine tracks, it’s all killer, no stocking-filler.

The Redcar-based artist is joined by a bevvy of underground acts from both sides of the pond, with the guest bars from OneMike on ‘Evil Roots’ sitting up there as one of the best guest spots of 2018. Likewise, Why Not Ft Ju Money and B.Divine

As we’ve said before, the gruff Midlands accent might not do it for everyone, but look beyond the gravel tone and laidback flow and you’ll find an artist with a knack for picking up on universally identifiable subject matter. Besides, the UK scene is no longer just a London-centric venture. Capital C Capital P doesn’t try to be anything other than a vehicle for first-class beats and slick bars – something that transcends boundaries.

The album comes with top-class production skills, although that’s no surprise when you consider C75 Live producers Cleno Jovanni and SuperEgo, D.Original Mr.Blue and Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition member DJ W.I.Z played a hand in production. Although at times it feels like the bars are crowded out by the instrumentals, when the beat is as good as with numbers like ‘Made the List’ and ‘Aural Medication’, that’s not the worst thing in the world.

So while you’re languishing in the weird post-Xmas, pre-New Years purgatory, take some inspiration from artists like Cuban Pete. Start the new year off right, and start by checking out Capital C Capital P.

You can download/stream Capital C Capital P here.