Good to see a new Beat Battle competition opening up in London. Dead Beat Society bring us a simple battle format, 2 beat makers up on stage at once, head to head. We sent our man Dutty Harry to check it out and see what went down.

Words, Dutty Harry…

The format was fairly easy to understand, in the fashion of an old school dancehall clash. Each man plays their own riddims, 3 a piece taking turns, one after another for 60 seconds, and then the crowd decides who goes through to the next round. The battle started around 9.45, hosting was Kiss FMs Shortee Blitz.

Theses were the rounds, Railster vs Wizard, Mr Mitch vs Myke Forte, Emporer vs Pete Cannon, and Agor vs DJ Illout. Wizard, Myke Forte, Emporer and DJ Illout all won respective rounds, notable moments was Wizard with some killa Reggae looped beats, some of the best beats heard all night. Railster came hard but the crowd stuck with Wizard, unanimous. Similar to Mr Mitch and Myke Forte, Mitch’s second beat stormed through the crowd, but his selection held him back. Myke had the beats on the whole to stand up against Mr Mitch, a proper golden sound. The quality of both guys, and everyone competing was overwhelming though. Also Pete Cannons fringe, bloomin hek I’ll never forget that. Not to forget Emporer, a proper reserved character, absolutely smashed Pete. I was surprised because Pete’s a well known producer, just goes to shows I guess, Emporer; the unknown assassin.


Pete had his moment though still, playing a pre recorded Wizard diss at the start of his first beat, then it dropped into his version of original nuttah. It was the right crowd tonight because it went off, storming. As for Dj Illout and Agor, Illout ran that. Great selection, and Agor didn’t come with it, simple. As for the crowd on a Thursday night, and considering it didn’t get that much promotion, there was still was a nice amount of people in attenance.

After a 15 minute break the next heats started, Wizard vs Myke Forte, and DJ Illout vs Emporer. Less heads came back in from the break so the crowd was slightly more sparse. Not good for the producers considering the crowd was making the decision tonight.

Myke Forte and Wizard was fairly even, but Wizards selection lacked, maybe he should of held back one his banging beats from the first round. Myke’s golden classic sound couldn’t be halted, the crowd spoke, he goes through.

Now DJ Illout vs Emporer, I was expecting a lot from both these guys. Their rounds prior were really exciting. Again though poor selection let these guys down. They both played beats that were hot but this was a clash. Great instrumental’s that goes without saying, but know one stood out enough so it went to another round. Emporer should of held something back because his last beat wasn’t up to par. DJ Illout went through. Still though, Emporer’s impact on the night was still massive, one to watch for.

DJ Illout vs Myke Forte in the final, Myke Forte came through to win. It went to a decider as the crowd couldn’t make their mind up who should win. All praises to Illout, he came hard., but Myke Forte just took it. His beats ran the night and he put all the competition to rest. I was blessed to hear such an array of beats, great show.

From the look of it I think a lot of people didn’t know there was a live PA from Bristols finest Buggsy #1. This is the part of the night that pissed me off. Buggsy, who arguably brought out the best album of last year, got no love. Him and his selector DJ Beta Max had about 6 people watching the show (me included). They still ran it, great performance but no love. Its sad to see, but this is in London and the crowds here are slack.


All in all though a great night, wicked to hear great music, the next round April 26th. Go support it, don’t drink in the venue its bucks, just smuggle in some vodka. Check the link….





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