%image_alt% After almost a year of hype and strong commercial radio support, Big Dada’s latest signing ‘Dels’ has finally finished his debut album in the form of GOB due for release May 9th.

Production comes courtesy of three musicians Micachu (a former bandmate), Kwes and Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard who is a long time friend and collaberator. The whole LP feels like a bit of a journey through space due to the sonic backdrop provided by said beatmakers. Electro synths make up the bulk of the production which complements Dels’ choice of content throughout.

Shapeshift, the lead single off the album, which has received a shedload of rotation from Radio 1 hits hard early on in the album. Produced by Joe Goddard this glitchy monster of a beat is handled perfectly by Dels’ casual flow as he takes us back through his childhood dropping mad references about him transforming and morphing into different imaginary objects.

Even tried to morph into a car,
advanced, a shiny gold bar,
even Bret the Hit Man Hart

Micachu’s ‘Melting Patterns’ slows down the tempo of the project as we hear Dels trapped in a tripped out world witnessing bizarre hallucinations left, right and centre. In contrast to some of the more socially conscious tracks on the LP this is a refreshing element and takes the listener away from reality for a few moments before crash landing back on earth in the form of ‘Capsize’, the Joe Goddard produced banger featuring none other than Mr Abstract himself Roots Manuva.

Arguably the stand out track on the Album, ‘Capsize’ is a politically motivated anthem where Dels and Roots lay down bars stating blatant discontent for the current political regime which runs Great Britain. Dels goes straight in attacking conservative leader and current priminister Dave Cam…

Looks like we’re all fucked, no lube
Cameron better stay away from my arse

Roots approaches with a typically mysterious swagger…

Moderate blues hit designer views,
the red top readership holds the clues
to who’s got the money for the PR scams

The last four tracks head towards a much darker direction in terms of production and content. ‘Vilolina’ is somewhat of a bizarre track that really shows off Micachu’s diversity as a producer. With an almost off beat tempo, the hi-hat mixes with the high-end synths that sound almost like it has been made by four-tet or burial. Dels begins to talk about relationship issues and real life emotions which a lot of emcees seem to avoid in today’s day and age.

“DLR” ft Elan Tamara and “droogs” really show what Dels and his team of producers are made of. Following the life of a homeless girl on ‘DLR’ and a young girl faced with being raped by her father on “droogs” Dels takes us to a real dark place where the sun has no place…

Darkness as fallen, she wears the words
been banished from the sunshine now she bears the burns

Finishing on album title track ‘GOB’ Dels smashes the beat with some angry bars stating how he feels about various experiences in life but finishes on a positive note bringing the album full circle. Dels clearly knows what he wants to do as an artist and on this project he shines through as a very thoughtful emcee reminiscent of older Big Dada artist and UK rap legend Ty. The style of production throughout remains glitchy and electro based which maintains the perfect canvas for Del’s spaced out, warped imagery.

Hardcore boombap fans might not take to this album as much as others and some could suggest that it is a bit too spaced out to be considered a solid project but look past the experimental style of production and lyrical approach and you won’t want to come down from this trip.

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