Cheeky chap rapper Dirty Dike drops his first solo release in two years. ‘The Sloshpot EP’, is a 5 track offering on High Focus Records, we had a butchers..

Dirty Dike - Press Shot 2

The Sloshpot EP offers a barrage of bassbin bumping beatwork from Mr Boss, which is graced with the grotesque and hilarious wording of the SMB and Contact Play rap artisan, Dirty Dike. This is a finely tuned piece of work, the production is clean with hard, heavy drums and Dike is very open and different in his approach on some of the tracks, although his humour and usual signature style shine through.

‘Consequences’ is a pondering, reflective number, whereby the vulgarly titled ‘Plenty More Piss in the Toilet’  has a warm guitar riff that mixes nicely with an almost spaghetti western style mariachi trumpet and thumping bass line. There is a nice variation of sounds and fellow Contact Players Ronnie Bosh and Jam Baxter pop up to join Dike, backing what is already a nicely rounded effort. ‘All Things Considered’ ends the EP in an atmospheric cloud with the talented DJ Sammy B-Side and DJ Sugai adding a nice smattering of cuts into the mix.

This is a great prelude to a highly anticipated full length album, the rumoured ‘Return of the Twat’ will hopefully reach us all soon. The Sloshpot EP is out now on CD and digital, so make sure you grab a copy to go with your various pork products..

Check out the video for ‘Consequences’, off the EP..