%image_alt%More like a mini LP, at 8 tracks deep, than the usual EPs you get nowadays and with an international roster that would make the UN’s Ban Ki Moon blush, comes “Who Is Wriggly Scott?” from DJ Solo.

For those not in the know, DJ Solo is a British-born DJ and producer, who’s been involved in the Middle Eastern Hip Hop for 7 years. This EP certainly demonstrates that he’s got hook-ups for days, with artists from Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Sri-Lanka, Palestine, USA and the UK all represented here. You should be well aware of the legendary J-Live who rocks the party nod-fest that is ‘Parts Unknown’, but equally you’ll be forgiven in not knowing a whole heap about U.A.E. based emcee Jibberish who blesses the 90’s NY sounding ‘Intervention’.

Wriggly Scott, is actually the debut conceptual pseudonym of DJ Solo, who is a keen record collector, which can be heard through the almost exclusively boom bap feel of the EP. Whilst the breaks and samples are going to float many a traditionalist boat, I can’t help but feel with such an interesting cultural line up, a little more of a global influence on the sample sources, a la Dr No, would be more apt. Still, the ivory tinkles of ‘Room to Breath’ featuring Ragtop, certainly show that Solo can arrange nicely enough, with some precise cuts overlain to boot.

The headline makers of J-Live and also Orifice Vulgatron on ‘Tangible Dream’, with it’s thumping break and Nas cut up chorus are probably the stand-outs, although the remix of ‘Stay Focuessed’ which conjures up more Sci Fi imagery than a Philip Dick novel, comes pretty close as well. But the other emcees, whilst all clearly capable, leave limited impression once the experience is over.

There’s enough on ‘Who is Wriggly Scott?’ to make you sit up and take notice of DJ Solo as a producer and deejay, but there’s also plenty of scope to be a little more innovative and interesting, especially with so many potential unheard voices through his Middle Eastern connections.

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