%image_alt% For just over two years Don’t Flop has been holding rap battles up and down the country in just about every major city. Battles range from 1 on 1’s, team 2 on 2’s, showcases, grudge matches (winner changes names etc) and “Blood In The Water” International Battles.

The Blood in the water events pit Don’t Flop mc’s against rappers from leagues outside of the U.K. (mostly the States and Canada, Don’t Flop have also reciprocated by sending a few of their own mc’s to battle stateside). Dirtbag Dan, Tony Madness, Dizaster and Big Kannon (Grindtime US) J Walker, Bartone, Kid Twist (King of the Dot Canada) are just a few of the people who have made the trip across the pond to drop some terrible regional accents and take the piss out of everything British. This said the islanders hold their own against the yanks and come with sharp off the top flips, borderline racial disses and cringe worthy mum jokes (see Sensa vs Dizaster)

Judging duties are undertaken by contestant’s peers and judges no longer give an overtime decision, meaning no sitting on the fence and backing your boy, hardest bars wins basically. Guest judges have included Farma G of Taskforce, 1xtra’s Charlie Sloth, Micall Parknsun and Tinchy Stryder.

Although a lot of shadow has been cast towards Don’t Flop of recent as to their “realness” over issues such as pre-written lyrics (generally they have three days to prepare for each battle) and the MC’s being net geeks (big up all the rap nerds), its pretty clear to see that amongst the many contestants there remain some talented rappers in their midst, Respected recording artists Verb T and Joker Starr have been taking up the challenge as of late and have had to face some fierce competition despite their longstanding reputations in the scene. Recently putting on a tryout event in London, the standard was set pretty high for the newcomers. Battles included mc’s Ben Karlow and Digga Jefferson Price & YTV and Jay Guevara although they all stepped up to the mark.

Some of the heaviest battles to check out include:
Blood In The Water 4 Part 2 Trailer
Cruger vs Illusion Z
Dirtbag Dan vs O’Shea
Scizzahz vs Jay Walker
Stowaway Vs Skrribbz

Information about the competitiors can be found on their profiles at www.DontFlop.com as well as upcoming events, videos of previous battles and several best of reels at their YouTube page.


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