Representing the North of England is Budrat Records. Since 2016 the label has been putting in work and together they’ve already supported a number of big acts including KRS One (twice!) and have repped the UK scene at Croatia’s Soundwave Festival.

The most recent release from the independent label dropped in August and gave us a focus on E.D.D.Y (one of seven MCs) and Kimi (one of three producers) that help form the ten strong label. Dropping a 6 track EP titled Eddy X Kimi, this is their first collaboration and hopefully one of many.

‘Lemon’ is the first release from the EP conveying a slightly moodier vibe from the more mischievous sense heard on other tracks through the EP. Lemon is clearly an example and insight into the knowledge and ability Kimi holds as a producer. Attacking the beat with all the vigour, E.D.D.Y’s flow over this one is fast paced which when juxtaposed against the beat Kimi has assembled, creates a forceful head-nodder leaving you wanting to hear more.

Giving a taste of what to expect from the crew is the second release titled ‘Milk’. E.D.D.Y comes correct with an animated and skilfully written flow over the playful and well-crafted beat from Kimi. Each member of the guesting Budrat Mob rises to the occasion relentlessly. The collective are delivering dynamic vibes from the get-go.

The whole EP is a showcase of energy, solid production and effortless bars, E.D.D.Y and Kimi reinforce the graft Budrat Records has put in over the last two years with this release and it is clear that the label are deserving of a spot within the scene. Eyes peeled for more to come from this lot.

Eddy x Kimi is out and available to download or stream now.