Edward Scissortongue releases his debut solo album ‘Better.Luck.Next.Life’ on High Focus Records, we had a listen..


I’ve often thought that when production is done right, an MC’s lyrics can sit on top of it like candles on a birthday cake, both complimenting each other. This is very much the case with Edward Scissortongue’s  ‘Better.Luck.Next.Life’, entirely produced by Aberdonian producer Lamplighter, the album is a concoction of warm, ambient electronics, topped with Ed’s clever tongue rolling wordplay, this is refreshingly different.

The fact that many of the tracks start with an extended instrumental intro before any vocals sound, proves how strong the production is on this album. There are numerous head nodding tracks like ‘The Muffle Coffin’, ‘Garotte’ and especially ‘Wastewater’ where lyricism mixes with sniper sharp drums, story-telling on ‘Spastic Max’ and haunting, classical bedlam on ‘Rosegarden’, this is a mixed bag. Scissortongue is joined by the other members of Contact Play on ‘Coma’, which is an obvious highlight but is in fact the only feature on the whole album but as a solo venture I think it achieves what it sets out to do, show and prove that Edward Scissortongue is a hip hop anomaly and a true creative force. His partnership with Lamplighter is an exciting concept and I look forward to their next outing (although apparently this was 10 years in the making so we could be in for a wait!).

This is an impressive, alternative piece of work, an interesting twisting High Focus journey where the production is more at the forefront than any ukhh album I have heard in a while.

‘Better.Luck.Next.Life‘ is out on 26th November 2012 on CD, digital format and limited edition vinyl, make sure you grab your copy.

Check out the lastest Scissortongue video for ‘Spastic Max’..