Front_coverBar fleeting appearances on other artist’s records the last time we heard from Edward Scissortongue was at the end of 2012 with his artfully fancy debut Better. Luck. Next. Life. The success of the album propelled him further into the public eye, thus giving him a well-deserved platform to tease a legion of fans with cryptic glimpses of his future work. Over a year and a half later High Focus are almost ready to push the Theremin EP onto a gaggle of patient listeners. Has the wait been worth it? A resounding yes.

The Theremin EP is less of a quintessential record and more of a sonic novel. Each of the seven tracks come together to form a rich metaphorical tapestry deftly interlocked by a labyrinthine of language. The release seems to confront the complexities of the human condition and possibly flirts with the idea of existing beyond a linear time period. But who knows if this is correct? Much of the Theremin EP is subjective, more of a reason to engulf yourself into the deep mind of Edward Scissortongue.

The opening instrumental, Take Readings, lays down a delicate blanket for the rest of the EP to build upon, soothingly calm and beautifully crafted it ends as peacefully as it begins. In stark contrast Teeth constructs a more sombre, moody atmosphere centred around a stomping drum beat which skilfully transitions into an ethereal cacophony of flutes and chimes.

The EP consistently changes throughout, no two tracks are akin exemplifying Scissortongue’s strong creative grasp on the project. The most prized track comes in the form of Wipeout which is riddled with a sense of urgency complemented by Toyface’s gloriously saccharine vocals.


One thing to take away from the EP is that Scissortongue truly is a connoisseur of combining wild imagery with transient flickers of reality. The release plunges the listener into an ever evolving journey drenched in stylish complexity. However it’s not just the power of words which assists the EP in achieving soaring heights. It is aided by an incredible array of production talent which has been called upon to sculpt the release. Each track features a different producer giving the record a varied yet well defined musical shape.
An overall mind-blowing, striking performance throughout, cementing Edward Scissortongue’s place at the top of the hip hop hierarchy.

The Theremin EP is out now on High Focus and available on limited edition vinyl, CD, or digitally

Review by Louise Brisbane


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