%image_alt%You may have heard the rumours that now-New Zealand based Ghost is making a big comeback this year with three hiphop albums on the way. The first two are compilations of exclusive and unreleased tracks which couldn’t get cleared for his previous albums or fell off release schedules, got lost on hard drives and all sorts of other dramas. The final album will be ‘one last straight up hiphop album’ and should be out by the end of the year.

The first compilation – ‘Best Kept Secrets Volume 1’ will be released at the end of the month, a 9 tracker available for download from bandcamp:

1.  ‘Be There Soon’ ft. Kashmere

2. ‘Rainfall’

3. ‘Kiss The Ring’ ft. Dubbledge

4. ‘Ariel Boundaries’

5. ‘Need Cash’ ft. Micall Parknsun

6. ‘Down To The Woods’

7. ‘Let’s Vibe’ ft. Genesis Elijah

8. ‘Legends’

9. Asaviour – ‘Money In The Bank’ (Ghost remix ft. Kyza & Yungun)

You can hear a couple of these tracks in Disorda’s Suspects Packages radio show for June and now ukhh.com bring you the exclusive download of  ‘Kiss The Ring’ featuring Dubbledge

[audio:http://www.ukhh.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/03-Kiss-The-Ring-feat-Dubbledge.mp3|titles=03 Kiss The Ring feat Dubbledge]

or right click download for your own uses here: Kiss The Ring feat Dubbledge

We’ll have an interview with the man coming up in a few weeks but in the meantime just sit back and Kiss The Ring!