One of Manchester’s best young rappers, Flex the Foreigner, drops his new EP through Room2 Records today. The Portuguese born MC returns with the obvious Manc swagger. Generally a lyrical rapper, Sorry, I’m late shows he’s very comfortable experimenting, making his style more diverse with each release.

Throughout Sorry I’m late, Flex casually strolls through track by track, without even breaking a sweat. Deep spacey beats, accompany his chilled after hours flow from start to finish. New and improved rhyme schemes from Flex and dope production from Room2 head-honcho Kydro on every track gives the project consistency while keeping things rhythmically varied.

Whilst still very young, Flex is showing that he is beginning to find a winning formula and is starting to run with the potential he holds.

Take a seat, and join Flex on a journey that (at five tracks) inevitably is over rapidly but is a promising signal of a bright future for the lyricist.

Sorry I’m late is available to buy through Room2 records here.

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