The relentless style switching head of the High Focus robot, ‘Fliptrix’ drops his fourth solo release. We smoked a fat bag of martian mean green and got beamed away on an inter-dimensional journey..

%image_alt% The interesting thing about this album is that the tracklist is in chronological order. So you are listening to each track in the order it was made.  It was entirely produced by Switzerland based Molotov and UK based Runone, both of who combine and construct a high rise of punchy beats, classic strings and raw sounding samples that sit together nicely, plus Chemo mixed it. The variety of beats is impressive and Fliptrix never fails to deliver with his unmistakeable wordplay, hooks and curious choice of subjects, all of which culminate in an album length revelation on chemtrails, hyperborean mountain men, celestial beings and piff, among other matters.

‘Sounds’ for me steals the show with liquid, beat colliding production laced with double time Fliptrix vocals which switch and reduce to slow slurs and back again, this song is a demonstration of how versatile he can be, a definite standout track on the album. ‘Been Here Before’ draws haunting strings and female vocals around Fliptrix’s signature style speech, where ‘Cycles’ takes listeners deeper with guitar riffs and soulful samples, too many good tracks to mention but these are the ones that jumped out at me.

This is an interesting fourth venture that will no doubt be well received, its good to see some risk taking in ukhh and Fliptrix tries out some new things as well as reminding everyone why this owl is on the cutting edge of the music.

‘The Road to the Interdimensional Piff Highway’ is out now on CD, digital and limited edition vinyl, open your mind to this rap monolith and you may find yourself saying.. ‘My God, it’s full of stars!’ an epic album, definitely one for the collection, grab yours now..

We caught up with Fliptrix for some words about the album..

Check out Fliptrix in the video for ‘Sounds’..