This video was filmed, edited and graded by Ghost aka S.Williamson for Storyboard Visuals and features Beat Butcha and Beatnick Dee.

Filmed on a Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera with SLR Magic lenses Graded in Davinci resolve, this personal project was on the back burner for a couple of years. Ghost filmed the footage in 2017 whilst he was filming another video in Los Angeles, using the spare time to work on a side project, this docuseries ended up being that project. 

Ghost has known the guys for a number of years, observing their journey from bedroom producer to producing music for some of the biggest and best Hip Hop artists in the world today. That wasn’t the story he wanted to create though and focused instead on the idea of creativity and how it works for other people, certain that every creative, himself included, has a different journey and process.

The pandemic offered unexpected time and headspace for Ghost to finally sit down and create this video.

“This is hopefully one of many videos covering UK Hip Hop stories to come from Ghost and Storyboard Visuals, stay tuned..” ~ Theo Specone