%image_alt%For those familiar with the UK’s breaking scene, Ill Boogs is a name that’s been around for some time, representing for the Floor Science Crew and subsequently Born To Rock and Sinstars Crew. Yet it’s his work with Breakin Bread that musically Ill Boogs is most well known.

Gypsy Rock was the first track that got people standing up and taking notice, or more fittingly getting down and dirty on the lino, featuring in loads of breaking jams worldwide. Since then, he’s been working on his own personal Ultimate Breaks & Beats – “The Rhythm Den”. Yet you could be fooled into thinking that the production was all done via sampling some old dusty break, the name kept under raps but for the knowledgeable few. However, these tracks are all played by Boogs and his band, wreaking funk from every orifice as they play!

Now there’s no filler of the occasional down tempo, moody track here, so if you’re expecting an instrumental Hiphop type album then in a way, you’re wrong. But this album is more Hiphop than many others pretend to be, as the fact it’s made by a Bboy, for other Bboys means that this keeps truer to the original concept of breaks and Hiphop than a crate of Kool Herc’s finest. So don’t expect 2 turntables and a mic or anything of that sort, this is pure funk.

keeps truer to the original concept of breaks and Hiphop than a crate of Kool Herc’s finest

Still, for those with a bit of jive left in your bones then the likes of the spacey sounding “Dusted” (something that Manzel would be proud of), or the Bboy Jam classic “Gypsy Rock (Remix)”, the Rhythm Den will have you up out your seat fast. Packaged into 4 neat little chapters, charting the life of a boy 1) Build Your Skills 2) Payin’ Dues 3) A Trip to Mecca and 4) Each 1 Teach 1, I must confess that the themes don’t really reflect there chapter titles for me, as from start to finish this is relentless jamming music, full stop.

Whilst Bboy across the world will no doubt flock to “The Rhythm Den” in their droves for practice session inspiration, there’s no need to shy away even if you wouldn’t throw down on a floor through fear of your knees or indeed ruining those kris air max you just splashed out on. For all lovers of music should be able to appreciate the craft and authentic vibe Boogs has managed to weave together, with a little help from his deejays Rob Etch & DJ Timber.

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